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IP Address A Comprehensive Guide

192.1680 1

Devices with network connectivity come with either a public or a private IP address. For routers, it’s a private IP address, and it’s not unique by default. Most router manufacturers prefer a common set of IP addresses for routers, and…

MAC Address Router: How to Find it?

how to find mac address router

IP addresses are assigned to every Internet-enabled device, from your smartwatch to your smart air conditioner. There’s another unique address, like an IP address, and networking and computing devices get them assigned at the manufacturing time – This is called…

How to Fix Huawei Router Battery Error?

huawei router battery error

A router makes it easy to access the internet. You don’t need to carry extra devices for proper internet access. You can move freely but within a certain space. Different company routers will provide you with convenient access to the…