So, you are engaged in some fascinating activity after school and want the whole world to know about that? In this case, a nice poster is exactly what you need. According to recent studies, the overwhelming majority of people prefer images and video content over text, and for the youth this rate is even higher. However, even without statistical data one can intuitively guess that images are much more appealing in terms of attracting somebody’s attention. Think of a time you went to the movies. What was the first thing that captured your eye there? Most likely, those were movie posters on the walls. And it’s quite understandable, because a poster is a perfect possibility to combine images, colors and text information. Poster is a rather versatile tool that can be utilized for many occasions: announcing some event or activity; inviting people to join your team or to ask for donations to support your activities. Perhaps, the best thing about posters is that once you’ve designed it, you can either have it printed out and distributed the way you like, or share it via digital channels like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, or both. Creating a poster that won’t go unnoticed for sure requires some time and effort, but it’s definitely worth every hour you invest in it. We’ve collected some ideas on how to get the most out of your creativity.


Keep It Simple but Professional

To begin with, think about the message you want to get through to your target audience. In other words, before actually starting doing something, you should have answers to the following questions: “Why do I need this poster?”, “Whom is this poster for?” and, finally, “What do I want them to do?”. As soon as you’ve got a clear vision of what you are going to do, you can proceed with the poster design. And design matters, so it’s better not to rush with it. Firstly, one should bear in mind that a poster is not an exquisite piece of art belonging to the Louvre, so it’s not supposed to look like one and be simple and easy to read and to understand. Secondly, it should still look professional enough so that anyone who sees it gets an impression that you are serious about everything you do and it’s not just for fun. Sometimes, finding the right balance is not an easy task. If you don’t have a professional background in graphic design but feel like doing it all by yourself, then go ahead. If you think you could use some help with poster making, then a poster maker online is exactly what you need. It will allow you to streamline your creativity into concrete ideas with the help of templates.

Play with Colors

Finding the right color combination may become a challenging and time-consuming task, but any time spent on it is absolutely justified. If the poster you are designing is connected with your team or club that has its brand colors, then it will make much sense to incorporate them into your design. If no, then the sky is your limit! Don’t be afraid to use bright colors and bold color combinations – after all, the main aim of having a poster is to grab the viewer’s attention. However, don’t attempt to fit all your favorite colors into one poster – that might be too much, and instead of attracting attention you’ll irritate people. Usually, 3 colors is the limit you wouldn’t want to exceed.

Black and White? Why not!

The combination of black and white has been considered stylish classics for centuries, and it will remain trendy for years to come. It has a powerful association with the world’s first photographs and films, which resonates with many people even today. If you run out of ideas and got stuck while choosing color shades for your poster, consider designing your poster in black and white. It might be a good solution to highlight the concept idea of your work.

Add a Bit of Riddle

Add a Bit of Riddle

Sometimes, the best way to communicate your idea is not to pinpoint it directly and unequivocally, but, on the contrary, to do that through hints and riddles. This technique is bound to stir people’s curiosity and make them look forward to the solution of your puzzle. It works especially well in a situation where you employ a series of connected posters, each of them revealing a bit more information than the preceding one until the mystery is disclosed in the last one.

Don’t Overdo with Text

The text content of your poster is important, of course. But a poster is a visual tool in the first place, so don’t put too much emphasis on the text and fonts. Make sure you select only the key message and don’t use excessive unnecessary words.


The best posters are unique ones. Don’t try to copy  posters of well-known brands and do your own thing, even if you are not a professional designer. Mix the ideas we suggested above with the power of your imagination and you’ll get a great eye-catching poster for sure!

Mario C. Morrissey
Mario C. Morrissey
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