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Mercusys router users should sign into to make administrative changes in their networking devices and interfaces. or is the web-based admin panel for Mercusys routers.  However, you can replace with when you wish to access… – Admin Login


TP-Link router users can configure the settings to reset the password and wireless network name and check the devices list connected to the Wi-Fi network from the admin panel –  To log in to, know the wireless router’s… – Admin Login


Mercury lets users set up and modify the Wi-Fi configuration from a web UI like other wireless extender manufacturers. “” is the admin interface for the Mercury wireless extenders.  To Set up the Mercury wireless extender, you only need to… – Admin Login IP Address

192-168-254-254 is commonly used by several modems and routers as their default login IP address. It is one of the IP addresses in the so-called “private network 16-bit block address space” and it is specifically reserved for the usage of… – Admin Login | Default Router IP Login


TP-Link, Tenda, TeleWell use as their router’s default IP address. The extenders of these three network manufacturing organizations also use this IP address for the configuration and synchronization process.  There are also some alternatives to this IP address. And,…

IP Address A Comprehensive Guide

192.1680 1

Devices with network connectivity come with either a public or a private IP address. For routers, it’s a private IP address, and it’s not unique by default. Most router manufacturers prefer a common set of IP addresses for routers, and…