Asus Router Default Password List (Updated 2020)

Asus router’s username and password help you to enter into its official webpage. After that, you can enter and access its Administrator panel. The default web page address of all the Asus routers is 

In this guide, there is a detailed list of Asus router models along with their credentials. If you are searching for your model and its corresponding username and password, you have selected the right article. Select your model number and enter the username and security key from this list.

Asus Router Default Username and Password List

If you cannot find the exact router model that you have, try using the username and password from the next model in the series. Usually, all the models have more or less the same password so, we hope that it might work. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding Asus routers, drop a comment in the blank section below. We will try to revert as soon as possible. 

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