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Setup Guide

Setup Guide

Router Guide comprises of all the important instructions to set up your router irrespective of its brand and model. It will help you end all your queries regarding the router setups. So, don’t worry if you are stuck with your router, just follow the guides.

Fix Router Problems

Fix All your Router Errors

There might be a few errors that you encounter while using or seting up the router. Well, in such situations, RouterGuide can be of utmost assistance for you. A lot of solutions have been assembled here on the site that can help you.

Effective Solutions

Effective Solutions

To take away your worries, RouterGuide comes with topmost solutions to get rid of problems with your router. It will lead you to a hasslefree connection with your router.

What is a Router?

A router is a virtual electronic device that transfers information between two or more computer networks. The device inspects its data packet’s destinated location with the help of a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. 

A router contains a Gateway, ISO/OSI network model layers, Firewall, and WAN optimization capabilities. A router detects the packet header’s Internet Protocol address, compares it with the router table and chooses the best packet, which is sent to another network. 

Routers are of different types, which include WiFi, router, Core, Edge, and Virtual routers. The range of the router’s network coverage varies as per the brand of the device. 

How Actually does it Work?

Using a router, you can create your home network by connecting your laptops, tablets, printers, smartphones, smart TVs, Thermostats, and many more. A router gives directions to all the incoming and outgoing network connections in a fast and formidable way. 

The information that travels from your home network may be e-mails, any media files, etc. It might also contain live cam videos that consume a large amount of bandwidth. As more devices are connected to the router, the network divides itself and tries to deliver an equal amount of bandwidth to all of them. 

IP data packets are delivered along with the network, in which the device is only responsible for proper routing and switching. 

Routers don’t just use only traffic networks, it checks which networks are fast and have an efficient route. In most cases, that particular network then gets the highest priority. Now the question arises that how does a router know this? The answer is very simple, as it knows this by using a Metric Value, which is present in the device’s Routing Information Protocol (RIP). 

It is basically a reference number that is calculated during the time of selecting the network destination. The lowest metric value is guessed to be the most efficient amongst all. 

Different Router Models

Here, we will discuss the different types of router models. They are as follows.











The above-mentioned router models are hereby discussed briefly…

Netgear Router

Netgear router is a router that is manufactured by NETGEAR Inc. It is the first company to introduce the world’s fastest wireless router. Netgear delivers excellent network devices so that people can meet their home networking needs.

Linksys Router 

Linksys routers are based on Mesh (Hybrid) network WiFi routers, which offer wireless signals everywhere in your home. It also introduced two major features in their routers, they are “Linksys Sheild” and “Linksys Aware”. The ‘Shield’ blocks unwanted content usage and ‘Aware’ senses motion in your home network.

Arris Router 

In this digital era, Arris routers are one of the best selling modem brands. They suggest all users should purchase routers on their own for better surfing and downloading experience. When you choose the Arris router, you are joining a 60-year legacy of networking innovation.

Belkin Router 

Belkin manufactures its router devices, which assist people to know and explore the power of networking. These routers can make people’s life much better, easier, and comfortable. Belkin routers serve two basic functions. First, it allows the interconnection between your network’s internal hosts and external Intranet via a WAN link. 

TP-Link Router

TP-Link is the global provider of trustworthy networking services, routers, and peripherals. In this modern age, the connected life of humans is evolving quite fast and formidably. Hence, the company is also expanding simultaneously for meeting the computer and networking demands of tomorrow.

Asus Router

Asus delivers a fast and stable network in your home as well as the work environment. It also has an application, which you can utilize to download apps in the App Store and Play Store. With the help of this application, you can manage your home network operated by Asus router in an easy and intuitive way.

Apple Router

It is officially named as AirPort. The settings of this WiFi router is exclusively for Macintosh and iOS devices. AirPort comes in three basic models, they are Airport Express, Extreme, and Time Capsule. It provides excellent WiFi bandwidth for all your wireless devices.

Cisco Router

Cisco provides network connections based on LAN, WAN, and Cloud. The routers include analytics in advanced stage including application optimization, top-class integrated security, and a complete networking package. It responds to and satisfies any business that needs faster and increased Information Technology. 

Xfinity Router

Xfinity routers help you to set up and connect a wireless network in your home or office. You can connect laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and many more devices within its range. With the help of a wireless network, you can download any sort of media files from the Internet.

Sagemcom Router

Sagemcom is one of the leading European group of networking and communicating terminals of high-added value. They operate the three major market brands which are a smart city, broadband services and Internet of Things (IoT). They know how to meet their customer needs in these three markets. Admin Login | Default Router Login

When you are about to install a router for the first time in your home or office, then you must know some common network-related terms. A router is such a device that is mostly used in networking processes. Every network router has a default IP Address. It can be either or or, and many more. 

If you want to establish a router setup, then first you must log in to the router to access it. In this case, you need its ID and password to log in. if you don’t log in to your networking device with IP address for a longer period of time, then you might forget it somehow. 

In this digital world, there are more than 4 billion IPv4 addresses are there. Some of them are very easy to remember and some of them are not. But there is some expectation that one particular IP address remains nailed into your mind as most Linksys router devices use it for establishing their IP address. This article fully covers those things that you want to know regarding this matter. This very very special and exclusive IP address is

What Is So Special About IP Address

Any kind of devices related to computer network utilizes the Internet Protocol for communication. The IP address is a unique numerical identity by which anyone can uniquely identify any particular network attached to its system. 

If your router is still not performing after a 30-30-30 reset process, then it might be broken and you must start thinking of buying a new router, you can also send it to repair it as well. Some router devices also use as their IP address. Before you get its network access key, connect it to the router or modems with the help of an Ethernet Wire. Admin Login-Default Router Login

In case, you can’t connect to your router, there might be some few interpretations. Every router device follows the concept of default username and password which you can change anytime and anywhere as per your requirements. 

Every router comes with default login credentials by which you can log into the device. You have to learn these things before you purchase the gadget. Few routers also have the facility of USB cables.

There are many constraints regarding the accessibility of the IP addresses in the public internet platform. The IP address belongs among those restricted classes. It belongs to one of the 65, 536 Internet Protocol addresses which belong to the 16-bit block of its own private IPv4 address. It also includes the address all the way from to

LAN stands for Local Area Network uses private IPv4 addresses. No definite consents about the regional registry of the internet are needed for using a private Internet protocol address. It is possible to use it in any network by the user differing from home to any large scale organization. The method used in big organizations to setup networking devices is known as NAT or Network Address Translation. It makes it possible to accredit a public IP address to a system in a private network. 

If you are planning to upgrade your router, then check our experienced professional’s note in which you will get suggestions for the best router devices which will suit you. You will be able to connect your mobile phones, laptop, TV, AI speech recognization device, and others. 

With the help of a default Gateway, router devices for homes manufacturers utilize private IP addresses. Among all the private IPs, is also in the picture which makes it possible for all the other users to connect to the admin panel. You just have to type in a web browser’s address bar. Then make all the necessary changes in the “Settings” option of the router.