4 Ways to Resolve Cisco Router Error Code 66

Cisco is known for its network applications and network devices. But, the network devices are not free from errors. Recently, a lot of Cisco network device users are reporting about the router error code 66. 

The issue is actually about the improper configuration of the router label that is yet to be configured. According to the users and certain router experts, there are several effective solutions. It seems that you are also facing the issue and need to follow the solutions given below.

Fix Router Error Code 66

There is a high chance that the error code will keep on appearing on all the connected devices. So, here are the effective solutions to fix it. Before you proceed, make sure that the internet connection that you are using is stable. 

Solution 1: Restart the Network Device

The process of restart has the ability to resolve any issue related to the router. Hopefully, it will also resolve the router error code 66. Plug out the Ethernet as well as the power cable. Keep the router switched off for a couple of minutes. After that, re-plug in the power cable first. After that, go for the Ethernet cable. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is tightly inserted to avoid any kind of loose connection. Now, the router may fetch the proper configuration label automatically. 

Solution 2: Verify the Network Connectivity

If the internet connection you are using is unstable or has some issues, then the Cisco router error code 66 may occur. Let’s try out the direct connection and check whether the network is stable or not. Open Command Prompt and type the ping command and the network IP address. 

Check the timing for each receiving and sending a data packet. If it is more than 1 ms, then your network connection is running slow. In case of time out, the internet connection is unavailable. Try the same procedure via the wireless router. If you face the same situation, then inform the ISP. 

Solution 3: Check the Router Settings

If any network device settings are not in proper order, the router error code 66 can occur. So, open the default browser and type the router IP address. Log in with the help of the correct login credentials. Now, one by one, open all the tabs and check if all the configuration settings are in proper order or not. If you have to apply anything additionally, don’t forget to save the changes. 

Solution 4: Get the New Firmware Version

If your network device’s firmware is outdated, then there is a high chance that the router error code 66 can take place. So, visit the official website of Cisco and download the zipped firmware files. Make sure that the firmware version is compatible with the router model that you are using. After the successful download, unzip the file and open the router management page. Search for an update or security tab. There must be an option to upload the firmware file. Save changes and restart the router. 

An Overview of Other Errors

There is no guarantee that the only router error code 66 will occur. As per the Cisco router users, a few other errors may occur along with the former. Let’s learn about them briefly and know how to resolve them. 

The Router Error Code =13

When this error code shows up, you will receive a message on the display of all the connected devices. “Call route from unknown routing client %1, dn=%2”. Check the routing client and the dialled number configuration to resolve the issue. Hopefully, this will work. 

The Router Error Code = 62

The type of error is “EMSG_RTR_ROUTE_CALL_BAD_DN: Message ID=0x003E”. Call route request client %2 (ID %1) with unknown DN of %3 is the message you can see on all the connected devices. To resolve the issue, you must first configure the dialed number for the proper client based on the routing. After that, try to update the central controller. 

One Last Way to Resolve Router Error Code 66

It seems that all the above solutions didn’t quite work out to resolve router error code 66. So, the only option left is to reset the router. Grab a pen or a paperclip. Locate the router reset button, press and hold it for 10 seconds. Now, release the button, and the router will restart. After that, navigate to the router management page, apply all the necessary network and other credentials to complete the router re-setup process. 

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