Receiving Creepy Messages from Unknown Numbers? Here’s What You Need To Do

Creepy message can highly annoy the victim and even make them get frightened. Several statistics state stalkers create a fear among their victims by making them think someone is following them. Take calls that make your safety feel endangered and think about the various precautions you should take to protect yourself.

Ignoring such messages totally won’t help you much. Encouraging the callers by talking to them constantly or provoking the stalkers will also not help. Most of the stalkers resort to harming the victims through various steps like murder when they are provoked.

It is true that not every other call is dangerous and there are lots of prank calls that threaten you, done by bored youngsters, drunken people or jealous colleagues. Here are a few steps you should definitely follow to protect yourself from such calls as you cannot take a risk when it involves your safety.

  1. Don’t ignore any messages from unknown numbers. Block the numbers immediately.
  2. Don’t get on the line with them.
  3. Never reveal your location or personal information to them.
  4. If you are being stalked, demand the person to leave you alone and warn that you will report to the police.

Don’t be vulnerable or afraid if the person on the other side starts giving you intimate details about your body parts, habits, moles, etc. Most of these assumptions are random and anybody from a neighbor to a cab driver can note them. For example, a mole on your leg will be known to most people after a party if you were wearing a revealing dress.

A clerk handling your files might know about your birthmark. A colleague may know some of your habits or interests. Do not believe the stalker is actually watching you just because they give out such details. Boldly say they are wrong straightaway – that will highly confuse them. Avoid encouraging threatening and insulting messages which target your appearance, sexual preference, etc.

Immediate Steps to Take

The first thing you can do is conduct research on the phone number yourself. For that, you can use Nuwber – type the number in the search bar and analyze the information that you get. Perhaps, it’s someone you know who’s calling you.

Record the call and report it to the police at the earliest. Get a number of your police complaints and approach your ISP. Ask them to place a tracker on your line and trace the stalker. You can do the same if you keep receiving unwanted, adult rated or irritating messages on the mobile constantly. You can also contact the cybersecurity department to trace the person torturing you.

The Federal Communications Commission has a separate department to file complaints about such issues. Contact them and let them know about your concerns. They have advanced tools and a dedicated team to help cyberbullying victims or people getting stalked through mobile or phone calls. Seek private help if necessary and if you feel extra attention and a quick solution are necessary.

Several private detective agencies are ready to help you with their network working alongside the police in such situations. The Annoyance Call Bureau of every ISP is obliged to work with federal and private detectives to help the victims and trace the stalkers leaving creepy messages in such cases. They will provide all types of assistance from analyzing your case history to tracing the stalker using their extremely advanced security protocols.

Never reveal your phone number to a person unless you really trust them. If possible, have two phone numbers – one for work purposes and the other for personal. Tha will also help in identifying the stalker if you don’t give out both numbers to everyone.

Are All Calls Dangerous?

Getting a creepy call from an unknown person has to be on every phone user’s list of “the worst things ever.” After all, the possibility that you might be talking with someone who’s following you or watching your every move is really unsettling.

As statistics show, these anonymous messages are not always sent by dangerous creeps, and several college students are also involved in prank calls when they are drunk. It is advisable to ignore such calls if they occur once in a while. If the call occurs daily at a particular time and lasts for more than a week, complain immediately.

Stalkers want to begin their attack by scaring their victims first. If you ever get one of these messages (even if it doesn’t seem threatening at first glance), it is highly recommended to take steps to protect yourself from further damage as stalking can have serious repercussions.

The truth of the matter is not all anonymous calls are dangerous – but this isn’t something you should take chances with when it comes to your safety! Getting a playful or flirtatious message from an unknown caller is more exciting than creepy but you should nevertheless stay alert.

Use Advanced Apps

Anonymous calls are becoming more popular also due to the popularity of VoIP Phone services. If you have been receiving such calls, complain immediately to your phone service provider. This will help you in limiting the damage. Some phone service providers also offer their users an app that helps them trace the caller’s number. If you don’t have such an app, you can download one from your phone service provider’s website.


If you ever get a creepy message from an unknown caller, don’t ignore it. Take the issue seriously and complain immediately to the police. Your safety is your prime concern. Allowing yourself to become a victim to such terrifying acts is never worth it. Don’t fret or become vulnerable, no matter how hard the stalker tries. You allow the stalker to win if you become emotionally weak.

Always be strong, do your research, seek help and say ‘no’ to the stalker strongly. It is highly advisable to know how to deal with such dangers which are abundant in the modern world. Use the latest technology, never disclose your private details, be ready to fight back in such circumstances to protect yourself. Help others in similar situations if you have enough knowledge and resources.

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Mario C. Morrissey
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