How to Fix Huawei Router Battery Error?

A router makes it easy to access the internet. You don’t need to carry extra devices for proper internet access. You can move freely but within a certain space. Different company routers will provide you with convenient access to the internet. 

The Huawei router has been reviewed as a decent performance by many users. Thus, Huawei can be the best one for you. But, often, the user has witnessed battery error, which can be very frustrating. This problem related to batteries is very common. 

Huawei users have definitely experienced this error, and the users want immediate solutions. It might seem to be a very complicated issue, and it is not so in reality. Below, we have listed the steps to help you fix the problem. The fixes are effective to solve the Huawei router battery error. 

Easy Solutions to Fix the Huawei Router Battery Error

Various reasons can be behind the issue. First, you need to find the cause of the error and act accordingly. Without finding the main culprit, you can not fix the issue. The steps are quite simple, so apply the below steps one by one until you find the perfect one. 

1. Cooldown the Router

First, go with the simple one. Overheating can be the main culprit behind battery error. The router and any device can get badly damaged due to an overheated battery. And, this is applicable to all brands. However, Huawei routers are quite efficient to protect themselves from overheating. Whenever it experiences extreme heat, it will automatically disable charging. 

There is no doubt that Huawei has one of the best features that you might not be able to find in any other brand in particular. If this is the main cause, then you don’t need to worry too much. Just let the device cool down, and after that, connect the charger. 

2. Use the Right Charger

Often the battery gets badly affected due to using the wrong charger. Thus, you need to make sure that you are using the right and standard charger. The wrong charger can have a bad impact on the Huawei router. 

Many people are unaware of this and thus use the non-standard charger. You might also witness that when you use the standard charger, the Huawei router battery error will be fixed right there. 

3. Restarting the Router 

In other brand routers, the battery is removable, but this is not the case for Huawei. So, when you experience any battery-related issue, you first need to go for restarting the router as you can’t reinsert the battery. 

It might also be possible that your battery has quite a little charge, thus hindering the LED indicator’s functions. Just wait until the router’s battery has enough power.

4. Connect the Charger Properly

If you see that the router battery is failing every time to charge properly, then check whether your charger is connected properly or not. Plug out the charger and again plugin for proper connection. You can also try plugging the charger into the different power sources. 

It is not guaranteed that these fixes will solve the problem, but also you have nothing to worry about. There might be an issue between the Huawei router battery error and the charger. So, try out the solution.

5. Wait for LED Indicators Indication

If you see that your router’s LED is not indicating its charger state, then it does not mean that your device is not charging. It can also be possible that your device has a little charge left. Thus, hindering the LED indicator. So, you need to wait until the minimum charge is left. This can be another way of fixing the Huawei router battery error. 


Above are the steps that will help you in fixing the Huawei router battery error. The steps are easy; thus, you won’t face any difficulties solving the error. You might fix very few of the above-mentioned problems in a built battery of the router. Overheating can be one of the major causes, or pay enough attention to it. And, you need to keep in mind that you cannot have a flawless device, but you can prevent the damages for a little longer. 

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