Apple Router Default Password List (Updated 2020)

To configure the Apple AirPort router, it requires an IP address along with the network username and password. You will find this specific information in the user manual or guide of the AirPort router. If you don’t have the manual, then you must find the default login information. 

Here are the quick references regarding the default login id and password to access Apple AirPort. Follow the guide below and you will know about the steps to log-in to the AirPort router.

Steps to Login to Apple AirPort Router

In order to log into your router, follow the instructions that are given below. 

  • Connect your mobile or computer device to the AirPort router.
  • Open your web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and wait for the browser to detect the IP address automatically. After that, click on the link that appears on the web browser.
  • Here, you will see two text boxes. So, enter the username and password there. The default username of the router is “admin” and the password is “public”. 

After entering the username and password, hit the “Enter” key and the “Control Panel” of the router will appear in front of you. 

Alternative Method to Access Apple AirPort Router

If the above information doesn’t work, then there is an alternative way to obtain the user id and password combination. Sometimes, the particular username and password might not work, which is given above. So, you must try these log-in credentials given in the table below.

Default Log-in IPs for AirPort

After trying different IP addresses if you still cannot log in, then follow the list of IP addresses that are given below. This might be helpful for you.

Default Router IP

Reset your AirPort Router 

In case, if you need to reset your router, then you can do it easily by tapping on the “Reset” button. The reset button is present at the back or the bottom of the device. Hold the button for about 20 seconds and the device will roll back to its factory settings.

Note: Sometimes, resetting your AirPort router may resolve login issues if the default credentials do not work. 

Remember, when you reset your AirPort router, you will lose the Internet connection temporarily. So we recommend you to perform the reset process under expert’s guidance.

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