What is Skeppy Server IP? How Does it Help you to Play Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular online and offline games that is played by billions of players across the globe. A popular server of Minecraft is Invadelands. This server is regulated and configured by Skeppy. Regarding the Invadelands master server, there are five nested servers (slave servers): Survival, Soup, Skyblock, UHC and KitPvP. 

As per the analysis, the players of Minecraft are searching for the Skeppy server IP. Here, You will also come to know about the process to play the Minecraft game online, make new friends and others. Furthermore, you will also get some details of the other IPs that might come in handy. 

About Invadelands

Invadelands is one of the popular master servers that help you play Minecraft. And, the most well-known slave server is KitPvP. If there are built-in videos available, you can play them with the help of Invadelands. The other servers perform their common tasks in helping you to play the game, save game data and take a backup. According to the expert’s analysis, the Skeppy server IPs will shuffle among the servers automatically. 

The Minecraft Invadeland (Skeppy Server IP)

The owner of the server is obviously Skeppy; ts IP is “invadelands.net”. The name of the main website of the server is “Invadelands.boards.net”. More than 800 players can play Minecraft on Invadelands at a time in multiplayer mode. Every day, more than 350 players remain online and play the Minecraft multiplayer version. And, the current version of the IP is 1.8. 

What are PVPLands?

PVPLands is also another master server that Skeppy owns. As usual, the Skeppy server IP of PVPLands is “PVPLands.net”. This server consists of 8 sub or slave servers. The principal slave server is KitPVP, and the other 7 others are event servers. All of these 8 servers perform their active role in various types of events and online Minecraft championships. 

How to Join Minecraft with a Skeppy Server IP?

In order to join the multiplayer version of Minecraft, you need to open the list of servers that are active in service. Select the server which you want to join and place the server IP. Save the necessary changes and restart Minecraft. 

The Skeppy Server IP: Event Version 

Skeppy came up with a new version of IP that belongs to the event version of Invadelands. As the Skeppy server IP plays its vital role, you can join any type of gaming events going on with Minecraft (multiplayer). Basically, the events that happen occasionally take place mainly with the help of private servers. People who are hosting the event sometimes also use the KitPVP server. Whenever you are participating in an event, select the host server and enter the IP. 

Additional Information on other Minecraft Servers

Apart from Skeppy’s Invadelands and KitPVP, there are also other servers that play a crucial role in playing the game. Some of them are as follows. 

1. The Purple Prison 

The Purple Prison is one of the excellent Minecraft servers for all the players. Players of various skill levels can play on this server and enjoy the virtual prison world gameplay. On this server, your main motive will be to play the game and increase the ranks within the prison. Sometimes, the purple prison also works with the Skeppy server IP. But, the actual IP of Purple Prison is “PURPLEPRISON.NET”

2. Jartex Network

If you want various game modes in Minecraft, then the Jartex Network is ideal for you. Are you eager to know about the modes? They are Prison, Factions, KitPVP and many more. As per the expert analysis, more than hundreds of Minecraft players log in to the server daily to enjoy all the modes. The Jartex network IP is “JARTEXNETWORK.COM”.

3. Grand Theft Minecraft

Grand Theft Auto is one of the best and most popular games developed by Rockstar Games. The Grand Theft Minecraft server is closely related to the GTA game. Overall, the matter of fact is that you can play Minecraft with the theme of GTA. 

What is so special about the server? While playing Minecraft on this server, you can use more than 35 types of weapons to initiate a killing spree in the game. Some of the weapons are pistols, shotguns, snipers, machine guns, sub-machine guns and many more. As usual, the server IP is “MC-GTM.net”


Some additional active servers where you can play Minecraft are HYPIXEL, MINEMEN CLUB, Mineplex, Roleplay Hub, Private craft and many more. Before you opt for a server, make sure that it is running without any errors or bugs. In addition to that, you must look for the number of active players on the server. This denotes the perfect functioning of the server that is related to Minecraft. 

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