What are COC Private Server IPs | How to Use Them

The COC (Clash of Clans) was launched in the year 2012. It’s a war game based on a strategy that attracted more than 10 million players worldwide. The principal platforms of this game are smartphones, tablets, and phablets. You have to build up your own army with the help of several resources to protect your village. To play the game amongst your friends, you need a private server with a dedicated IP. 

The private server, as the name suggests, is available to a few people. It doesn’t allow the players to use any type of cheat code or creates bugs in the game. With the help of a dedicated address, the COC private server IPs also protect your gaming environment against all the other cheaters who try to interact with your clan. Every private server has its own IP address that denotes the unique host as well as location. 

The COC Private Server IPs: Benefits 

The motto of COC private server IPs is quite straightforward. It’s “Less effort and get more”. 

  • With the help of the private server, you don’t have to spend any money on the game resources. 
  • You can also enjoy several exciting gifts from the master server of COC. 
  • The private server will also act as an official server among the clans regarding the creation as well as joining. 
  • Furthermore, you will be able to receive daily updates from the host. 

Lastly, the private servers are available in multiple languages. This will help you to play the game in your own regional language or mother tongue. 

The COC Private Server IPs: Drawback

Hopefully, you are happy to know the benefits of the COC private server IPs. But, there are certain drawbacks that you should be aware of. They are as follows:

  • Sometimes, the lagging issue of the game leads to a situation where you witness a failed mission.
  • Bugs (improper/incompatible line of codes) might exist that keep on resetting the COC private server IPs.
  • The game keeps on restarting which affects the performance of your mobile device.
  • There are risks of losing all of your game data and progress.

Due to all of these drawbacks, you might not be able to get an impressive gaming experience. Therefore, always try to find a way to avoid such situations or try to resolve them. 

Switch among COC Private Server IPs: A Few Tactics

If one private server is facing a problematic situation you can easily switch between the servers. This will provide you with an uninterrupted gaming environment. Here are some tactics that will not only help you to switch between the servers, but also unlock some restricted facilities that might act as a barrier in playing the COC. 

1. The System Root Feature 

Surpassing several system restrictions, you will come across a feature called Root in Android OS. Let’s assume a system function is restricting you from COC private server IPs switching. You have to remove that system permission with the help of the Root feature, and this process is known as device rooting. 

2. The process of Jailbreaking 

The process of jailbreaking can be done on both Android and iOS devices. In Particular, there is an application in Android, which is COC private server switcher. According to the gamers and other experts, you might not have to perform the jailbreaking process, if you use this application. Regarding the Apple devices, you might face a complicated situation with the dedicated apps or the iOS itself. So, taking an expert’s help is recommended. 

Some of the Best COC Private Servers

There are hundreds and thousands of COC private server IPs present on the internet. Here, you will come to know about some of the best private servers that people used to play COC. 

1. The Clash of Magic

The Clash of Magic is one of the most popular COC private server IPs. The subsidiary servers of the Clash of Magic are like Black Magic: Clash of Magic S1, The Power of Magic, The Hall of Magic Server, The Hall of Magic 2: Clash of Magic S4 and many more. Obviously, this host has its own COC private server IPs. The features are – a huge number of resources, purchase limit, no custom modifications, zero time building limitations, superfast server speed and others. The server is compatible with Android 4.4 and above. 

2.  Dark Soul COC

The Dark Soul COC is also known as the Clash of Souls. As per the gamers, it is the modded version of the Clash of Clans. This server has one of the highest data transmission rates just like the official COC server. With just 10 players, the Dark Souls COC came into existence in the year 2014. Now, the daily users of Dark Soul have more than 50 to 60k daily users. 

The subsidiary servers of the Dark Soul COC are The Soul Eater (Clash of Souls S1), The Heart of Soul (Clash of Souls S2), The Velocity of Souls (Clash of Souls S3), The Vengeance of Soul (Clash of Souls S4). The features of this server include unlimited gems, golds and other resources. You can get access to these items in a very short amount of time. In addition to that, there are also facilities of the customized buildings and heroes. 

3. FHX Private Server 

It’s quite popular amongst all the COC private server IPs as well as hosts. And, the types are – Server X, Server DSG, FHX Server A, Server B, FHX Server SG and others. As usual, the features of this server are less time for connection establishment, more gems than expected, unlimited gold and Elixir, the army is upgraded to its pinnacle and many more. 

Other Servers…

Apart from the above three, there are also other private servers that help you to play COC, effortlessly. And, they are Miro Clash COC, Clash of Lights, ToxicLand, Clash of Pheonix, etc. The specifications, items, subsidiary servers, and others are more or less the same as above. Try out any one of them and enjoy playing COC. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Which is the best private server for COC?

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Can you get banned for playing on a private server?

It is not against the TOS of World of Warcraft while playing on a private WoW server directly. That makes it possible that your account can permanently be banned by Blizzard if you find yourself playing on a private server from WoW.

Are WoW private servers safe?

Blizzard isn’t going to ban your account because it doesn’t care about it. Unless you publicise it on their servers TBH, lmao blizzard will not find out about any security risks or anything else. You are fine going and playing one and playing retail simultaneously.

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