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Mercury lets users set up and modify the Wi-Fi configuration from a web UI like other wireless extender manufacturers. “” is the admin interface for the Mercury wireless extenders. 

To Set up the Mercury wireless extender, you only need to access the web browser and open the site. Provide the correct login credentials on the login page and open the web interface for a quick setup. 

However, you must update the browser to access the site. Also, place the Wi-Fi extender close to your computer to avoid interruptions during the setup. 

Let’s learn how to set up your Mercury wireless extender via

Quick Steps to Setup a Mercury Wireless Extender

You only need to find the Wi-Fi extender’s login credentials and default IP address. Next, follow these steps to set up your Mercury wireless extenders via

  1. Connect the Mercury wireless extender’s power cable to the wall outlet.
  2. Turn on your computer, go to the Wi-Fi menu, and locate “MERCURY_RE_XXXX” from the available Wi-Fi list. 
  3. Tap on this Wi-Fi network and connect your Windows or Mac computer to it.
  4. Open a reliable web browser from your PC and go to the address bar.
  5. Write “” in the address bar and press Enter to access Mercury wireless extender’s login page.
  6. Alternatively, you can write the Mercury Wi-Fi extender’s default IP address ( in the browser’s address bar.
  7. The login password for most Mercuity wireless extenders is – 1234578.
  8. Enter this password in the upper and lower fields of the Mercury wireless extender’s login page. 
  9. Click the “Login” option or press Enter after entering your wireless extender’s login password. 
  10. Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to extend in the Mercury wireless extender’s web GUI.
  11. will ask you to provide the security password of the selected Wi-Fi network.
  12. Enter the password and the extender’s Wi-Fi network names in the blank fields.
  13. The wireless extender’s password will be the same as the selected Wi-Fi network’s password.
  14. Double-check the passwords and ensure there are no spelling mistakes.
  15. Click the Next Step button to complete the Mercury wireless extender setup process.

Check Your Mercury Wireless Extender’s Status Lights

Reconnect your computer to the extended Wi-Fi network by accessing the Wi-Fi menu. The networking device’s red light will flash when it expands your selected wireless network. 

The stable green light on the Mercury wireless extender indicates the device is on. An orange light will blink if you successfully set up the Wi-Fi extender via You can use these setup steps for Mercury MWCXXXXX models. 

Do you have Mercury MW310RE, MW302RE, or similar models? Follow the above steps for a successful setup. Contact an expert if you fail to set up the Mercury wireless extender for some reason. 

Can’t Set Up Your Mercury Wireless Extender via Try these Easy Fixes

Sometimes, you might need help to set up the Mercury wireless extender for entering an incorrect password. Thus, you must re-access the login page and enter the correct login password to fix this problem. Contact your ISP or check the product manual for its default IP address. 

Moreover, you can restart the Wi-Fi router if you see a solid red internet light. Connect the Mercury wireless extender to your router when the light turns solid green. 

Before setting up the extender, you must turn off the router’s security features like MAC filtering and Access Control. These high-end security features prevent the wireless extender from connecting to the router.

Besides, users must check if their router is compatible with the Mercury wireless extender. You can’t set up the wireless extender if it is damaged. So, check the router’s compatibility and repair it from an expert if required. 

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