How to Change NAT Type on Netgear Router?

Always be warned before making any changes to your Router. If you want to change the Router Settings, Make sure you take help of any guide or any experts. How to change NAT Type on Netgear Router is one of the concerns that many users are searching for. Then do not worry as you will be able to fix it all by yourself. As the solutions given below will help you to change NAT type on Router.

How to Change NAT Type on Netgear Router?

Even if you can do this task by yourself, you can also face problems which can be very frustrating. If you want to avoid all of that, you need to know more about this issue.

The most important among all of that is to know why you need to learn how to change NAT type on Netgear Router.

That way you are going to be able to avoid all of those different technical glitches. This will also help you to keep your Netgear router safe from harm. But there are more benefits that you can get from this which is going to help you do this. In this section of the article, we have listed all the reasons for this issue.

Changing the NAT type on Netgear router will help you understand all the technicalities of this instruction. Contributing to the fast execution of the process from your part. So, the main reason you need to change NAT type on router Netgear is to enable the port forwarding feature.

If you want to use the remote connection feature from your device, then you will need to send the traffic through a different port. For that, you have to change the NAT type from closed NAT to an open one. So, let us go ahead and see how to change NAT type on Netgear Router in the next section.

Easy Procedure: How to Change NAT Type on Netgear Router?

Here are all the steps that you have to perform to complete this process –

  1. Select the Start option and after that, type in within the search panel.
  2. Hit the Enter key after that.
  3. This is going to bring up the Login section of the Netgear router framework. In the Username section, type in the username and the password is going to be password.
  4. Click on the Login button below these two.
  5. In the window that comes after this, look for the Attached Devices option from the Maintenance area to the left.
  6. Find out the IP address of your computer system from the browser you use.
  7. Now, go and click on the Port Forwarding/Triggering option, also on the left.
  8. Look for the Add Custom Service button and click on it once you find it.
  9. Type in the name of the particular system with the strict NAT under Service Name.
  10. Click to expand the Protocol section and choose the particular type your program needs. If you are not sure of the type, you can click on the Both option.
  11. Enter the port number your device uses to in the Starting Port and the Ending Port sections.
  12. Set a rule from this with the Server IP and click on the Apply option.
  13. After you have done all of this, your Netgear route restarts and the changes are going to be active. The NAT status of the router is going to be open. Thus, you will now be able to use remote connections with your system.
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