How To Locate Default Netgear IP Address?

Lately, everyone is waking up to the vulnerabilities in routers and trying to tighten the security of network devices. As you connect to the internet using our PC or mobile phone, there is a higher chance of data fraud because of security loopholes in the router. Changing the router’s IP address should be the first thing to avoid any such attacks.

As you know, every single network device has an address to communicate with which is popularly known as IP address. Having a default IP address for all routers can become an easy target for hackers as it is easily identifiable. Today, you are going to learn how to change Netgear Router IP address. Here, RouterGuide will provide a series of steps to achieve the task. So follow the guide stepwise and you will not have any issue.

How to Change the Netgear Default IP Address?

Before proceeding, let us first understand some basics. Netgear Default IP address is or There is also a more friendly web address known as Technically, is a DNS name that redirects to the actual Netgear IP address. Here, you will change the address to something different so that attackers can’t hijack the router using the default address.

Procedure to Change the Netgear Default IP Address:

  • Open a browser either on your PC or mobile device. Make sure you are connected to the Netgear router through WiFi or Ethernet cable. Now type or and hit enter. Alternatively, you can access as well.
Netgear Router IP
  • After that, it will ask for credentials like username and password. Enter the username as admin and password as password and click on log in. It will take you to the homepage. Choose the Advanced tab from the left panel and expand the Setup menu.
Netgear Router IP Address
  • Further, click on LAN setup and it will offer you to change the Netgear Router IP address. You can change the address to your preference. For example, change the default to Do not change anything in the subnet field.
Netgear Default IP
  • Write down the IP address on a piece of paper in case you forget it. And click on the Apply button. It will notify you of the change in IP address as it is a crucial modification in the system. Allow it and restart the router for the changes to take effect.
  • After reboot, open the router’s setup with the new address and enter the credentials. You should log in without any issue. Further, log out from the router’s page and exit the browser. Now, you have a unique address for your Netgear router which can’t be identified by anyone except you.

Problems while Changing Netgear Router IP Address

  • Sometimes, users can’t access the router settings through WiFi because of configuration errors. In such a case, try connecting the router through an Ethernet cable to the PC. It should open the router’s setup without any issue.
  • If you face issues while changing Netgear default IP address then try changing the Connection mode to Static instead of Dynamic. The Dynamic IP address is assigned by the ISP, hence you won’t be able to change it. So you need to change the connection mode to static from the Advanced tab, and you will be easily able to change the IP address. Even after changing the mode, if it does not work, then contact your internet provider and ask them to assign you a static address.
  • After changing the address, if the browser does not navigate to the new address then restart the router 2-3 times for the changes to take effect. Alternatively, try updating the router’s firmware to the latest version by going to Advanced tab and Update menu.
  • If you are unable to log in with the default credentials, then look for the username and password on the back of your router. Generally, Netgear prints out these details over there. If this does not work, then you may have to reset the router to the default settings. Press the reset button on the back of your router for a while and it will reset itself to the original settings. Do keep in mind, this process will wipe all your network configuration and you will have to start from scratch.

To Sum it Up

You can change the IP address through this easy method without any technical errors. I have tried to make the process as simple as possible. Also, you can use this method on any Netgear Router irrespective of the model. I hope RouterGuide helped you make your online experience safer through this post.

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Mario C. Morrissey
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