What is https //192.168.l.254? How to Login & Configure its Dedicated Router?

Nowadays, most routers and modems use the https //192.168.l.254 as a default IP address. This default IP address plays a key role while accessing the router’s management interface. In addition to that, you can also log in with your desired ID and password to configure the device. 

Few people confuse 192.168.l.254 with These two IP addresses might look different but their functionalities are all the same. Of course, it’s the private IP address and is used in most of the networks of home and other small-scale companies. 

A Few Brands that use https //192.168.l.254

Some of the router and modem manufacturing organizations use this IP address as default. And, they are 3Com routers, Nepia routers, Westell DSL modems, billion routers, Linksys routers and many more. 

Here’s the Login and Configuration Process 

The login and configuration process gets easier with the help of https //192.168.l.254. Setup the router and power up the device. If you are having a modem, connect it to the router. After that, establish the connection with the computer, once again. Now, use the default browser and write down the IP address in the address bar. 

Then, the login page will open. Locate the router ID and password, and fill in the requisite details in the desired place. After that, you can now access the router management page. Make sure that you have all the network data with you if you’re using a dynamic internet connection. 

Navigate to the network settings and apply all the required network data in their respective places. For static connection, just connect the router. The device will automatically sync with the internet connection. 

Have you Forgotten your Password? What to do now?

Basically, there are two types of passwords available in terms of the router – One is the login and the other is the password of the router. After logging in with the help of https //192.168.l.254, if you forget the login password, then check the brand label of the device. 

Once you have forgotten the router password, as usual check the brand label and try once more. If this doesn’t work, then surely you have changed it quite a long time ago. Retrieving the forgotten password is easy. Navigate to the router management page and have a look at the General Settings, right under the SSID, you will get the password. 

Resolve Issues with https //192.168.l.254

It seems that you cannot open the router management page with the default IP address. What to do now? If this issue exists, you cannot log in and even cannot configure the router. So, make sure that the router is properly connected to the computer. If there are some kind of loose connections in the ports, then there is a high chance that you will face trouble operating the IP address. 

Sometimes you can witness that the login page is not opening properly. This should not happen at all. According to the tech experts, outdated and virus-affected router firmware can be a primary reason behind the issue. You can navigate to the manufacturer’s official support page to download the new firmware version. And, Regarding virus elimination, scan the computer with a reliable security application. 

On the other hand, you can also try some other IP addresses. And, they are,,,,, and 

Some Username and Passwords for https//192.168.l.254

Once you cannot find the username and password on the brand label, there is nothing to worry about. But, if you don’t then here are some of the default usernames and passwords that will be helpful for you. 

  • admin-admin
  • admin-password
  • user-user
  • admin-Michelangelo
  • admin-12345
  • user-password
  • admin-123456
  • admin-1234567
  • admin-12345678
  • admin-123456789

Surely, one of these usernames and passwords will definitely work. If still the issue persists, you can contact customer executives through the official helpline number. 

https //192.168.l.254: The Private IP Address

According to the network experts, the private IP address is also known as 192.168.l.254 ATT. Well-known router manufacturing organizations like Aztech, 2Wire, Billion, Motorola, Netopia use this private IP address. It contains 4 different groups of numbers separated by dots. 

In general, there are 4 types of IP addresses. Public, Private, Static and Dynamic. Here, you will have to deal with the private IP address. As the name suggests, the Private IP address is only used in home networks. Here, all of your personal information remains confidential. 

The 192.168.l.254 ATT belongs to class C. The range of this type of address starts from to According to the expert’s analysis, there are approximately more than 65,000 private IP addresses present over the internet. 

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