How To Choose The Right Wireless Router: Buyer’s Guide

These days several users want to know how to pick the right wireless router. With the availability of so many router brands with diverse features and functionalities and each claiming to be better than the other, it’s really a tough task to pick the right one to suit your requirements. 

So, you need to check a few things such as speed, extendability, and many others in a router before buying one. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with the checklist of functionalities that you need to look out for in a wireless router which will surely help you buy the right one, meeting all your requirements.

Features that You Need to Consider 

In this section we’ve discussed some of the features, that will help you to select a correct wireless router. Check these features in a router and buy the one that meets your personal requirements.

Speed Ratings

In wireless routers, speed is measured as megabytes per second (Mbps). Today, 802.11ac routers offer above 1 Gbps internet speed. But you should know that the actual speed is very much lower than the maximum rating shown on the package. 

If the internet connection is slow, the high-speed routers can’t speed up directly. Make sure that your router Mbps supports the maximum bandwidth delivered by your ISP. 


Sometime you might need a router that has a lot of strength. It means, with the help of your router you can connect your entire house. The signal in such routers spreads so much that it even reaches remote areas in your house like the garage. 

There are various routers available that come with just one unit. With the help of such routers, you will not able to connect with your entire home. A long-range router can help you to connect with a bigger area. Those routers contain a mesh network with a range extender or a Wi-Fi repeater. 


It might be possible that you are not a tech-savvy person or a noob in setting up a network. If such is the case, you will find two kinds of routers helping you out. 

Old types of routers need you to access its settings by going to the web browser window and then entering the router’s IP address. If you are a beginner, then it will be a difficult task for you. Because in this method you need to remember the password. If you need to make any changes to the network, you have to be at home. 

There is another router that you can operate from your smartphone through a special application. With the help of that app, you can connect to your network from anywhere. That’s why this kind of routers are called smart routers. But these kinds of routers are a bit pricey.


Most of the time, wireless internet router manufacturers provide a warranty package but these warranties vary widely. Better warranty indicates the manufacturer’s more confident with their products. Lesser warranty indicates a bit lower product quality and there might be reliability issues. Always consider better warranty before purchasing a wireless router. 

Feedback From Other Consumers 

Before buying a particular model of a router, search its review on various blogs, product review pages and elsewhere online. In that specific model, you might find mixed reviews. 

If any given brand’s wireless router performs great in one person’s home, that might not perform great in your home network. Because today, there is a complexity in-home network. If you find many dislikes in that router, then look for something else. 

Size and Style 

Sometimes, you might want to place your router in a visible central area. For that, you might want to purchase a stylish router in order to make it an appealing decor.

You will find several routers that come in various sizes and shapes. If you want to use a router for a small business purpose, then you might want to select a portable router. You can even choose routers meant for traveling purposes. 

Brand Selection 

There are always brands that people trust more or have an extra or enhanced set of features that makes the router better when matched with other brands offering similar features. So, before choosing a Wi-Fi router make sure that the brand offers enough features to provide a strong internet connection everywhere. Otherwise, you can research the available brands and then pick the one which you trust the most. 

Before purchasing a wireless router make sure that you checked all these features. Hopefully, this checklist will help you to pick the right wireless router for yourself. 

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