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5 Methods to Fix US DS Lights Blinking on Arris Router

The front panel of the Arris router is embedded with few LED lights. Every LED light has its own function and significance. As per user reports, the US DS blinking Arris when the device is facing certain issues. Whereas the green light denotes the system update is in progress. 

Now, your task is to get all the detailed functions of the US DS LED lights. In addition to that, you have to take care of any issues that are making the US DS LED light blinking rapidly. The reasons and their solutions are given below. And, before heading to solutions, make sure you know the significance of the US DS LED lights of the Arris router. 

US DS LED Lights: Meaning and Significance

US means Upstream, and DS means Downstream. When you turn on the router, the US DS blinking Arris light glows. After a couple of seconds, it starts blinking. And, this indicates that the router is connecting to the internet. Once the blinking stops, the router is successfully connected to the internet and ready to transmit data. 

The Functions of US DS LED Lights

Let’s consider the DS LED lights. When the LED light is not glowing, it means that the router has no power. The router is ready to deliver a high-speed internet connection with a blazing-fast download speed when it turns green. The download would proceed without any interruption. The yellow light indicates that the download speed will fluctuate as there might be some ping issues on the network. 

Heading on to the US lights. It’s usual that when the lights are not glowing, the router is not on. The green color indicates a perfect upload speed without any loss of data packets. Whereas, the yellow indicates the upload speed is not proper. 

Why US DS Lights are Blinking?

There are several reasons why the US DS lights start blinking. The router can be faulty, loose connections, broken wires interrupting network connectivity, weak signal, outdated firmware, data packet loss, low bandwidth and many more. Fixing these issues will roll back the device to its working condition. 

Fixing US DS Blinking Arris Router 

It seems that you have got a brief idea of the issues. Hopefully, applying effective measures to fix the issue will not be a hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin. 

1. Get the Latest Version of the Firmware

The latest version of the firmware has the capability to eliminate US DS blinking Arris lights. Visit the support page of Arris and download the zip file. Create a new folder and extract the zip file. Use the router’s default IP address to get into the dashboard. Now, search for the option to upload the latest firmware files. Once you do it, save the changes. The dashboard will automatically restart, thus installing the new firmware. 

2. Check the Power Supply

Check the connection of the power cord to the router. Make sure that the power supply is proper. If you witness a torn or broken cable, then replace the power cable at once. Never use any duplicate power cable; otherwise, it can lead to a short circuit as well as permanent damage to the router. 

3. Verify the Wired Cables

Without the help of the WAN Ethernet cable, there will be no internet connection to the router. What if there are issues with the cables or the connection slots? There is a fair chance that US DS blinking Arris router may occur. So, first, you need to check whether the cables are connected to their respective slots or not. After that, check for the correct cable identification. The information is already printed on the cables. If any changes are required, gently plug out the respective cables and make the changes accordingly. 

4. Verify the Active Status of the Router

When there is no internet connection, the US DS blinking Arris lights takes place. First, check the status of the router. If everything looks good, then you need to contact the ISP. Hopefully, they can fix the issue. 

5. Factory Reset the Router

If none of the above solutions works, the factory reset process will surely eliminate the US DS blinking Arris lights issue. Plug out all the cables except the power cord. With the help of a pen or a paperclip, press the Reset button and keep on holding it for 10 seconds. When the LED lights blink altogether, it means that the device will restart automatically. After some time, plug in all the cables and re-configure the router. 

What about the Modem Splitter?

If you have a modem with the router, then there must be a splitter. The splitter combines the incoming connection to the modem as well as the router. Malfunctions in the splitter might create barriers in the network. As a result, the US DS blinking Arris lights takes place. Check the splitter, and if possible, plug out the wires. Once again, plug them appropriately. Hopefully, this trick will work. 

One of the Safest Troubleshooting Methods

Contact the customer support of Arris. It is one of the safest ways to resolve the issue. Hopefully, you have the helpline number. Call and book an appointment. If you need to submit the device for repairs, make sure to carry the peripherals and the documentation. Check if the condition voids the international warranty. 

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