7 Best Roku Web Browser You Should Use

Roku devices don’t have a built-in browser to search for the latest online content. It offers seamless streaming, but you can’t surf the internet for the movies that require a flash player. But, you can still access the websites using third-party web browsers. 

There are many web browsers available for advanced Roku TVs. Choose a reliable one among them for a hassle-free media streaming experience. Open the channel store, go to the search box and write the Roku web browser name you are looking for. And, install the browser that will be compatible with the Roku platform.

Which Web Browsers will Work on the Roku Devices?

Check the Roku web browser’s security features before the installation. It should have an instant threat detection option and an easy user interface. Ensure that it has a bookmark feature to save the sites that you often have to visit later. And, you should also check whether you can multiple tabs together on the browser.

Here is the Roku web browser list that is safe to use in 2022:

1. Xfinity

It is one of the best internet browsers for the Roku streaming devices. Millions of people use it to stream new songs, movies and TV series. Additionally, you can watch live sports on Roku TV using Xfinity. It has high-end features which can improve your browsing experience.

Moreover, the Roku users can add more streaming channels on this Roku web browser. But, you need to choose a paid subscription plan for that. Xfinity lets you access 250+ channels with Live TV features. Install the latest Xfinity browser version to watch high-definition videos.

2. POPRISM Web Browser

POPRISM browser is available on the Roku TV’s channel store. It allows the users to browse the internet without issues. Ensure to connect the Smart TV to Wi-Fi before using the Roku web browser. Otherwise, you might receive a “no internet” message while accessing the streaming sites.

This internet browser is user-friendly and has stand-out features. Roku users can check the website-related details using the navigation keys. But, certain limitations are associated with POPRISM. It is compatible only with a few web pages. If the website you want to open isn’t opening from this browser, go for another option. 

3. Safari

You must have heard about this popular web browser, right? It is designed for Apple users, but you can also use this on Roku devices. Moreover, the users can install this internet web browser from the Roku store. Safari is one of the fastest browsers and it also increases web security.

This Roku web browser’s interface is easy to navigate. Connect the Roku device to Wi-Fi and enjoy uninterrupted media streaming. Besides, this browser won’t take much space on the Roku streaming platforms. Download Safari and search for your favourite TV shows or series now.

4. Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster helps the Roku users to browse websites, and watch live TV shows and streams. It is a paid service and supports all types of video formats. You can download 1 TB of data, including photos and audio files in minutes using this Roku browser. 

Additionally, Web Video Caster shows subtitles of the online content. Its premium version has exclusive features, like Video History and bookmarks. Besides, you can cast the downloaded videos from smartphones to this browser. And, watch those videos on the RokuTV screen to get a next-level streaming experience.

5. Web Browser X

Web Browser X supports it on all Roku devices, including the Roku TV and remote. It is available on the Roku store and offers the users a plethora of benefits. This internet browser has a clean and simple user interface. And, you can switch from one site to another easily using this Roku browser. 

There are some pre-saved news sites that you can access from this browser. Do you want to check the sports news from the Roku TV? Double-tap on Web Browser X and select the preferred sports websites from the list. This internet browser also gives you the option to bookmark these websites. 

6. The Roku Channel

Roku designed this video streaming service to offer free TV shows, live news and sports. The Roku channel included 1000+ popular movies. Moreover, you can watch on-demand YouTube videos in this Roku web browser. This video channel currently has more than 35 linear streams. 

Roku users can subscribe to the TV channels like HBO and Cinemax with its premium version. Add the Roku channel to the smart TV to stream the online content. Besides, you can also download most of these videos and watch them later. 

Didn’t get “Roku Channel” on the Roku device? This indicates that the Roku web browser isn’t available in your country.

7. Media Browser

Media Browser is ideal for browsing popular streaming websites. Be it audio, video or images, you can download everything easily using this browser. Its exclusive features are focused on providing the best media streaming experience.

This browser has a “Photo Slideshow” option to view all the photos accordingly. Additionally, the media browser has live TV streaming functionality. It is also available in the Roku Store. This indicates that you don’t have to download this browser from any third-party site. And, with its clutter-free interface, you can browse the media without experiencing lag. 

How to Use a Web Browser on Roku Devices from a Windows 10 PC?

Windows 10 or 11 users can cast a browser from their devices to a Roku TV. The latest Windows PCs have the Miracast feature to share the screen with other devices. However, the Roku TV needs to have this technology. Otherwise, you can’t use a web browser there.

Open the Windows 10/11 PC’s notification panel and double-tap on “Project”. Ensure the Roku TV and the computer are connected to the same network. Wait for a few minutes until the next screen appears with the screen-sharing options. Choose the preferred one and select the Roku device name from the list. 

Now, it’s time to access the web browser from the Windows PC. Go to the search bar and write the website name that you want to browse. And once done, go to the PC screen and select “Disconnect” to remove the Roku device. Or, you can also cast a web browser on Roku devices from an Android phone using the Smart View feature.

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