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A Detailed Information about Wistron Neweb Corporation

Wistron Neweb Corporation is known as a renowned manufacturer of Wi-Fi antennas and other wireless products or equipment. They work for popular brands like Apple, Samsung and Lenovo, and make WiFi modules and other wireless products for them. 

While using the home WiFi, you might not notice which devices are connected to the WiFi. You might think that it is unnatural without figuring out what exactly it is. Over here, we will take a closer look at what Wistron Neweb Corporation device is and why it is coming as a device name. 

In case you don’t know how to deal with unauthorized access and worry about how to fix it – below we have given some explanations. 

What does Western Neweb Corporation on your Device mean?

Wistron Neweb Corporation on my device means that the Wistron Neweb Corporation is connected to the network. There is nothing to worry about as it is a misidentified bug. Your WiFi network has wrongly identified it and has shown the name of the company and not the device name. 

It is the company that made the WiFi module, and you can see it on the screen. Below we have discussed more information about this. And, even we have figured out what Wiston actually does and why they are trustable. Some tips will also be mentioned to make your WiFi more secure. 

What is the Wistron Neweb Corporation Device?

All enabled WiFi has a WiFi module that helps communicate with the router. You will be able to join the network to access the internet and even connect the device within your network. 

For your information, all WiFi modules have identifiers that let the router know what devices are connected. It will be helpful to easily identify if the device is connected or not. Generally, the main function of the module is to identify the product and carry forward the product name the module is in. 

Since no software is error-free and it might not have been configured, results in the device’s name as Wistron Neweb Corporation. The only few possibilities are that WiFi or the software was bugged, or the module wasn’t properly programmed. 

Safe or not to connect with Wistron Neweb Corporation?

Now the question comes of whether it is safe to connect with them or not. As already mentioned, leading brands including Apple, Samsung, etc do business with them. It can be one of the vital reasons as a matter of fact that only trustworthy and legitimate companies can do business with them. 

As the real device has been worthily identified, you are able to see the company’s name. Thus, it is safe to let them connect. But, it is also recommended to turn off the other devices that are connected. 

This will help you to figure out which device is having issues. The method is called a trial and error method, which we will discuss later. 

Which devices are misidentified?

As already mentioned, some devices are misidentified. Devices like Smart Fridges, Smart Bulb, and Smart Plug are the common devices you will see with the misidentified name. You can do the trial and error method in case you don’t know the common devices that cause this error. 

And, to do the trial and error method, we have mentioned the steps that will help you out.

You just have to turn off each device and check your WiFi network by turning off the devices one by one. 

You might observe that one that has been misidentified has disappeared after turning off. That’s it, and this was all about the method. Do it and try to figure out the problematic one.

Securing the wifi network

Apart from the Wistron Neweb Corporation device, other devices can be malicious and harmful to your WiFi network. Thus, you need protection and a few other things. We have listed them below:

  • You are recommended not to use the WPS mode on your router. But, if somehow you do, then disable the mode and switch the devices by entering the manual password.
  • Though it is very convenient, still it does have a large security default. Thus, it lets an attacker gain all the control of your home WiFi network. 
  • You can set the WiFi to WPA2 PSK of the latest generation in such a situation. This will encrypt the password with proper security protocol. 
  • You can also go through the manual for extra facilities.  


So, this was all about Wistron Neweb Corporation. All the information that you need to know is given. You just have to follow the details. At first, it might be a little difficult for you. But, after you go through you will be able to resolve the matter. 

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