How to Fix Kodi Choppy Playback Issue?

Kodi is usually a very reliable software for running media files. It is one of the best third-party apps you will find for that purpose. However, like all apps, it might come across some issues once. And, you can deal with most of them all by yourself with some simple steps. 

Are you experiencing choppy playback while running a media file on Kodi? Then. you are not alone as many other users have reported the same issue. And, from what it seems, this issue occurs quite often when you are streaming content online. 

Keep reading to know how to fix the Kodi Choppy playback issue in various situations. 

Kodi Choppy Playback: Causes and Solutions

Fixing the internet connection might fix the issue in many cases. But, that is not always enough to resolve the problem after all. And, you might have to try out some other possible fixes. 

Here are some methods that can help you resolve a choppy playback on Kodi: 

Use a Different Device

The problem you are facing might lie in the device you are using. So, you might want to try using a different device to run Kodi. Install the app on another device if you have not done that already. Then, launch it and check whether it can play the media file without any issues. 

Does this method fix the problem in your case? If yes, you must check the device you were using earlier for any problems. Otherwise, you must find and fix problems with your internet connection. 

Change the Video Quality

Do you face the Kodi choppy playback issue while playing a high-quality video? Then, you must consider reducing the quality for some time. This should reduce the data usage and improve the playback as a result. Open the video options while running it and navigate to the quality section.

Select a lower quality than the one you have been using. This should offer you an effective solution for a while. You can then fix or upgrade your internet connection to improve your Kodi experience. 

But, what if you were already playing the video in low resolution? In that case, you must resolve the internet problems right away. 

Fix the Network Speed Issues

Do you experience buffering quite often while using Kodi online? Then, it might have something to do with your internet connection. A slow internet connection is one of the most common explanations for the Kodi choppy playback issue. 

You can fix it with one of the following methods in most cases: 

Disable the VPN

Are you using a VPN while using Kodi on your device? Then, you must disconnect from the VPN server for a while. After all, using VPN often slows down your internet connection significantly. 

Launch the app and turn it off before playing the media file again. Try out the next solution if the choppy playback issue persists. 

Close Other Network-Using Apps

Have you opened any apps other than Kodi that use an internet connection? If yes, then that might explain the Kodi choppy playback issue in your case. Closing such apps can help you ensure a better media playback on Kodi. 

Make sure to close any apps using data in the background as well. You can do that easily through the app section on your device’s settings. 

Remove Some Devices from the Network

Are there multiple devices connected to your WiFi network? If yes, then removing them should improve the internet speed on your device. So, access your router’s control panel and check its connected devices. 

Remove as many of them as possible from the network. Then, play the media file again on Kodi to check on the problem. 

Update Network Drivers On Your PC

Are you running Kodi on your PC? Then, the network speed issues might have something to do with outdated network drivers. So, open the Device Manager on your system and expand the network drivers there. 

Right-click the one in use if there are multiple options. Then, click on ‘Update driver’ and check on the issue after the update is complete. 

Remove Interference

Interference from nearby networks can cause internet problems on your network. Apart from that, various electronic devices placed near your router can interfere with the latter’s signals. 

So, you must remove any such devices placed near the router. As for interference from other networks, you can fix that by changing the wireless channel. 

Log into your router’s interface and navigate to the wireless settings. Then, change the channel selection to a more suitable one. 

But, how do you find the best channel? If you are wondering, you can use a WiFi analyzer app for that. 

Change the Video Cache Settings

As you might know, Kodi plays a video by downloading parts of it among cache files. Then, it plays those small parts when you open the video. You can adjust the cache size to enable the app to download the video in larger parts. And, that can help you resolve the Kodi choppy playback issue in many cases. 

You must install Ares Wizard to adjust the video cache size on Kodi. Navigate to the System settings window and open the Add-Ons tab. Then, enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option there before selecting ‘Install from zip file’. Wait for Ares Wizard to install, and then launch it in the app. 

Go to the Tweaks section in Ares Wizard and click on Advanced Settings Wizard. Click on Generate Settings and adjust the Video Cache Size as per your requirements. Select ‘Apply these settings’ to save the changes and check on the problem. 

What if the Kodi Choppy Playback Persists?

Are you unable to fix the choppy playback with the aforementioned steps? Then, you must try adjusting the HQ Scaler in the app. Reinstalling the app might also help you in case you have misconfigured it. You must also consider extending or upgrading your internet connection is required. 

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