What is the Steam Link Roku & How to Use it?

The Steam Link app allows you to play games on smart TVs over the internet. The developers added a “Remote Play Together” Feature in the recent update. You can now join games hosted on a friend’s PC by clicking on a link. Do you play the Steam games on Windows devices? Open the Microsoft Store and download the Steam Link Roku app now.

This app can work on Amazon Fire TV and Samsung TVs. However, Steam Link isn’t designed for the Roku TV platform. You need to cast Steam games from the PC or phone on Roku using “Screen Mirroring”. However, you need to check certain factors before using the feature. Ensure the Windows PC has an updated OS. Besides, the smartphone should have Android 6.0 or a higher version. 

Do you want to cast Steam games from iOS devices? Then, check whether it has an iOS 13 or a later version. Update the software if you have an outdated iOS version because the older iPhone models don’t have a screen mirroring feature. Thus, install the latest iOS to use this feature and play the popular Steam games on Roku.

Want to use Steam Link Roku? Follow this guide to know the steps to do that:

Enable the Roku’s Screen Mirroring Feature First!

Roku users can’t access the Steam games without enabling the Screen Mirror feature. Turn on the Smart TV and check if its power cables are connected properly. Otherwise, you may face connection issues when casting the screen from iPhone to Roku. Disconnect and reconnect the power cables if the Roku device isn’t powering up.

Access the Roku TV’s settings when the TV turns on. Head towards “Network”, double-tap on “Network” or “Wi-Fi”, and choose a network name. Press the Roku remote’s “Home” key to open the home screen and select “Settings”. Opt for “System” and choose “Screen Mirroring” from the list. Additionally, you need to select “Screen Mirroring” and click “Prompt”. The Roku device is now ready for screen mirroring. 

How to Play Steam Link Roku Games on Android Phones?

You need to download the Steam Link application on an Android device. Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid network interference when installing the app. Open the Play Store, write “Steam Link” and tap on the search icon. Choose the right app from the searched results and select “Install”.

Open the Steam Link app when it opens. Connect the Android phone and the Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network. Access the smartphone’s “Settings” and tap on “Bluetooth and Device Connection”. Go for “Connect Preferences” and search for “Cast” when the next window appears.

Additionally, you need to select the Roku TV model from the list. Tap on “Allow” when prompted on the Smart TV screen and open the Steam Link app from the phone. Open the Roku TV’s home screen using the remote and move to “Streaming”. 

Check the available game list and select “Add Channel” for the game that you want to play. Complete the installation, and the game will appear on the Roku TV screen. Connect a compatible gaming console to the TV and play the Steam games. 

Failed to pair the PS4 to the Roku device? Then, check the HDMI cable. Unplug and plug it into the HDMI port to fix the issue.

How to Play Steam Link Roku Games from iOS Devices?

Steam Link is available on the latest iPhone and iPad models. Open the App Store, go to the search box and write the app name. Select the latest app version and install it on the iOS device. Connect the iPhone or iPad and Roku device to the same wireless network.

Access the Apple product’s “Control Center” and search for “Screen Mirroring”. Tap on that option and choose the Roku device name from the available list. Besides, you need to open the Steam Link app from your smartphone or tablet. 

Additionally, you need to open the Steam app from the PC. Go to the “Settings” and toggle on the “Remote Play” feature. Ensure the PC and the iOS devices are connected to the same wireless network. Now, you can see the computer name on the Steam Link app. Choose it and play any Steam games on the PC and watch it on the Roku TV without hassle. 

How to Play Steam Link Roku games from Windows PCs?

You can play the Steam Link games on Roku via a Windows PC. Install the Steam Live app on the computer and turn on the Smart TV afterwards. Connect the Windows device and the Roku TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Press the Windows and S keys together and write “Display”.

Navigate to “Display Settings” and opt for “Connect to a Wireless Display”. A new window will appear on the PC screen; choose “Roku” from the device list. Select “Allow” when prompted and open a reliable web browser. 

Open the Steam site, enter the login credentials and tap on “Sign In”. Choose a free-to-play game and stream it on the Live app. You can also watch the game streaming on the Roku TV. 

Can You Cast Steam Link Games on Roku from a MacBook?

Enable “Airplay” to cast the Steam Link games from the Roku TV. Open the Roku device settings and select “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit Settings”. Tap on “AirPlay” when the next window appears on the Smart TV screen. Now, it’s time to connect the MacBook and the Roku TV to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Open the App Store and Install the Steam Link app on the laptop. Access the Apple menu and turn on the AirPlay feature. Choose “Roku” when the Mac displays the Screen Mirroring option. Don’t close the Airplay window until the “Accept” window pops up on the Roku screen. 

Now, the Mac screen will be displayed on the Roku TV. Open the Steam Link from the Mac and choose the game you want to play from the laptop. However, if you fail to do that, turn off the Mac and the Roku device. Repeat the above steps to share the Mac screen and check if it solves the problem. Switch to another Wi-Fi network if the connectivity error persists.

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