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Set a Belkin Router as Repeater – A Step-by-Step Guide

Using the Belkin router as a repeater increases the home or office’s network coverage, and it eliminates the dead zones and improves the Wi-Fi speed. Most Belkin routers have a WDS feature that serves a repeater’s function.

Prevent the internet dropping issues using this router mode. But, if you use an older Belkin router model, there might not be a WDS option. Install a Wi-Fi extender in certain instances to extend the Wi-Fi signal.

Belkin router’s WDS mode enables the multiple access point’s connections over a network. Besides, it restores the Belkin router’s MAC address from the traffic sources. The Belkin routers will get high-speed internet even when the PC is feet away from the router.

Speed up the data transfer process by converting the router as a repeater. Belkin routers that have WDS support can use the same SSID and channel. And, you can switch from one router to another without hassle.

Have you configured the Belkin router settings before? Then, you might know where the WDS feature is located in the web interface. Follow this guide to get in-depth information about this Belkin router repeater mode.

Requirements to Use the Belkin Router as Repeater

Turning a Belkin router into a repeater isn’t that difficult. But, you need to know about specific factors before proceeding to the setup steps. First, the router users need to check the ethernet cable.

If there is any wear and tear, replace this router unit with a new one. Otherwise, connecting the routers and the wireless devices will be challenging.

Ensure the Belkin router’s LAN ports aren’t damaged. Update the web browser from where you will access the router’s interface. Check the router manual to know whether the device supports WDS.

Additionally, you need to update the router firmware beforehand. Connect the computer to the right wireless network name. Restart the Belkin router if the web browser takes time to load.

Steps to Set Up the Belkin Router a Repeater

Many hired experts will perform the setup steps, but you can do it without technical experience from the setup wizard. Ensure there is a stable internet connection before that. Otherwise, you might face hindrances to accessing this Belkin router web page.

Reboot the router if error messages appear after opening the web browser. Connect the computer and the wireless router using an Ethernet cable. Then, follow these instructions to configure the Belkin router as a Wi-Fi repeater:

Find the IP Address

Without knowing the gateway IP, you can’t open the setup page. It might be or in some cases. And, this might vary depending on the Belkin router model you use.

Write in the web browser’s URL bar and press the Enter key. If it opens the login page, you have entered the right internal IP address. But, if you get the “page can’t be loaded” or “page not available” error, enter instead.

How to Check the Belkin Router IP Address?

There are several ways to know the wireless router’s private gateway IP. Go to the taskbar, right-click on the Wi-Fi name and wait until the menu pops up. Choose “Open Network and Sharing Center” and navigate to “Connects” to click “Wi-Fi”. Tap on “Details” when the Network Status window opens and move to the “IPv4 Gateway” section. Here, you can see the Belkin router’s default IP address.

Additionally, you can find the gateway IP using the Command Prompt tool. Don’t know how to access this built-in Windows app? Hold the Windows and R keys together to open the Run box and write “cmd”.Click “OK” to open the Command Prompt window. Write ”ipconfig/all”, press the Enter key and move to “Default Gateway” to check the IP address.

Login to the Belkin Router

Now, it’s time to provide the correct login credentials on the webpage. Belkin uses “Admin” as the default username and “password” as the password. Thus, enter these login details when the login page opens and click “Submit”.

But, if it doesn’t open the setup page, write “admin” in the “Password” field instead. Press the Enter button to get into the Belkin router’s admin interface. And, check the label present at the router’s backside if you don’t know the username/password.

Check the MAC Address

When the configuration page opens, go to the LAN settings. Navigate to the Status to find the Belkin router’s MAC address. Press the Control and C keys together to copy that address. And then, press the Control and V keys simultaneously to paste that into a document.

Additionally, you can get the router’s MAC address on the product page. Or, the users can find that on the sticker that is attached to the Belkin router.

Enable WDS Bridge

Go to the “Wireless” section, tap on “Channel and SSID” to check the SSID and channel number. Copy and paste these details somewhere and click “Wireless Bridge” or “Wireless Bridging”.

Tick the “Enable Wireless Bridging” checkbox and choose “Enable Only specific Access points to connect”. If you don’t toggle on this option, every connected router will start running as a repeater. And, this might pose a significant security risk.

Save the Configuration

Head to the “AP1” section and write the Belkin router’s MAC address. Go to the “AP2” section and enter the second router’s MAC address. Do you have any additional routers to bridge? Add their MAC addresses also in this section.

Tap on “Apply Changes”, close the setup page and unplug their power cables for 2-3 minutes. Now, reconnect them and reboot both the wireless routers to allow them to run as a repeater.

Fail to Set a Belkin Router as Repeater? Here’s How to Fix It

Due to compatibility issues, you can face problems setting the Belkin router as a repeater. Thus, check the system requirements before connecting the two routers. Incorrect login information can also prevent you from doing that. Reset the wireless router in certain situations to resolve the problem. Contact a router expert immediately if these solutions don’t work.

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