Know The Easy Guide For Belkin Firmware Update

Belkin is a widely popular company known for producing high-end as well as budget routers with a focus on security. If you own a Belkin Router and want to update its firmware, I have got a guide for you. In this article, RouterGuide is going to provide step by step instructions for Belkin Firmware Update and how to enhance the security along the way. So without further ado, let us have a look at what firmware is and how you can proceed with the update.

A Complete Guide for Belkin Firmware Update

First and foremost, you have to understand the very definition of firmware and why you should update your router frequently. As it is known, every electronic device is susceptible to data leaks, brute attacks, and data hijacking. To minimize the vulnerabilities, Belkin releases security updates in the form of firmware which plugs the leak and fixes security loopholes.

When you use routers for all your internet activities, it only makes sense that you take security seriously and update the firmware as soon as possible. There are many instances of data theft from an insecure WiFi connection and data-hijack while transmission between the router and mobile device.

Further, firmware update also provides the latest feature which you may be waiting for. Now you will go through the steps and learn how to complete Belkin Router firmware update.

Steps for Belkin Router Update:

  • To initiate Belkin Router firmware update, turn on your Belkin Router and connect it to your PC. Do note, the connection should be done physically through the Ethernet cable and connect it to one of the LAN ports. As an aside, the blue marked ports are generally LAN ports.
  • Now, open a web browser of your choice on your PC. In the search bar, type and hit enter. It will open the login page of Belkin Router. On the first page, it will ask for a password. If you have not changed the password earlier, then keep it blank and click on the Submit button. You will be logged in successfully.
  • There will be lots of advanced options, but wade through the settings and look for the Utilities menu in the left pane. Under the Utilities tab, you will see Belkin Firmware Update option. Click on the link and it will open a Browse page where you can select the firmware file.
  • Now coming to the most important part. You have to download the firmware files from Belkin’s website. You can download the firmware for your specific model. If you are unaware of your Belkin router model number, then look at the back of the router. It will start with F alphabet and will end with a version number. Write down the model number and download the firmware matching the exact model number from the link provided above.
  • Save the file to your preferred location. On a side note, the firmware has a .bin file type. So do not try to open it with any compressor software. Now coming back to the browser, click on the Browse button under the Firmware Update menu and select the downloaded firmware.
  • Next, click on the Update button and it will ask for a confirmation. Grant the permission and it will start the Belkin Router update process. Do not interfere with the router while it updates its firmware. After a while, the router will reboot itself and then the latest firmware will be installed.

Common Problems and their Solutions for Belkin Firmware Update:

  • Generally, Belkin Router Update process is seamless but if you encounter any bug after the update process then reset the router to the factory default settings. To do so, press and hold the reset button on the back of the router for a while and release it once all the LED indicators blink at the same time. This means the router has reset itself. Important to note here, you will lose all your network configuration through this process. So keep a network backup handy.
  • If is unreachable on the browser then open My Computer and move to the Network tab. There, you will find your router’s detail. Double click on it and the login page will open through a browser without any problem. At times, you change the IP address of routers and forget it. So this is the best way to open the router’s login page without manual input.
  • If keeping the password blank does not let you in then someone must have put a custom password. To get back the access, you will have to reset the router through the same process mentioned above. And you will again lose your personal configuration, so proceed only after having a backup.
  • Some tips: Do not downgrade the firmware after you have updated the router. It may crash your router making it completely defunct. You are free to upgrade the firmware though.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can achieve Belkin Router firmware update without any issue. RouterGuide hopes this guide helped you in updating the firmware and enhancing the security of your router. RouterGuide always wants users to take security seriously and this article is an effort in that direction.

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Mario C. Morrissey
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