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Various kinds of LEDs are present in the Google WiFi device. When the device is in its working state, they blink accordingly. It is not quite easy to have perfect knowledge about the reason behind the glowing of each light. 

To make you aware of the meaning of different lights on Google WiFi, we will discuss the details below. Just follow all the points very carefully. 

Different Types Google WiFi Lights and its Meaning

Google WiFi consists of different lights that define the device’s every function individually. When a particular feature of the device is working, its indicator light blinks, flashes, and sometimes changes its color. The details are as follows.

Google WiFi Orange Light

Whenever you are seeing this light, it means that the Google WiFi point is not connected to the Internet. So you have to check whether your Internet is active or not. 

Make sure that the Ethernet cable is correctly plugged into the router. Now check the orange light and observe whether it is still glowing. 

Google WiFi Red Light

When you are seeing the red light, be sure that the WiFi is definitely facing some problems on the server’s side. The only solution to this problem is to reset your Google WiFi point as soon as possible. So, the steps to reset the Google WiFi are as follows.

  • Unplug the power cord to turn off the device. Then hold down the reset button, which is present at the back of the device. 
  • After pressing the button, once again connect the power cord to your device.
  • When the Google WiFi device powers up, both white and blue LED lights start blinking simultaneously. After that, you need to release the reset button. 

If the device’s solid blue light continues to blink, then the reset process is still ongoing. However, when the blue light keeps flashing, it indicates the reset procedure is over and the device entered into its factory defaults. 

Google WiFi No Light

When no light is glowing or blinking in your Google WiFi device, then the device is turned off. So, whenever you want to use the device, just turn it on. 

Google WiFi Yellow Light

The pulsing yellow light is the sign of a network error. To resolve the error, verify and check the network connection. This includes the Ethernet cable that is attached to both routers as well as your modem. Before that, make sure that both these devices are on. 

Note: You might have to remove each device and plugin to resolve the network error.

In case you observe a fast blinking yellow light, you need to keep pressing and holding the reset button to restore your WiFi device. Hold it for a couple of seconds and the light will turn into solid yellow color. After that, release the reset button.

While the solid yellow color light is glowing, it means that the device is factory resetting itself. Hence, wait for some time until the task is over. On the successful completion of the reset process, the light will turn white and it will let you know when the Google WiFi device is ready to use.

Google WiFi White Light

Whenever you see a solid white light, it indicates that the WiFi point is online and the device is working just fine. Also, your device is connected to the Internet without any hiccups. 

Note: In case you are using an OnHub (dual-band router), the light will seem a little greenish-white. 

Moreover, when the white light blinks quickly, it means that the Google WiFi device is switching on. You must wait for the device to turn on, which will take some time. 

While the white light is blinking slowly, it indicates that the device is ready for the setup process. To set up your router, you can use the Google application to complete the setup.

Google WiFi Blue Light

When the blue light is glowing, make sure that the WiFi point is ready to perform the setup process. Now you have to proceed with the setup using the Google WiFi application. So, whenever the WiFi point is online, the color will turn into solid greenish-blue. 

Google WiFi Solid Blue Light

Whenever you see this light, it means that the device is in factory reset condition. It only happens when you perform a factory reset to the device. Within a short duration, you can reset the device easily. 

When the process is complete, the device will automatically start blinking the solid blue light. After that, the WiFi point will be all set to configure. 

Note: If you are a TP-Link OnHub user, you may notice a light on the top and inside the shell’s outer surface. However, on ASUS OnHub, you can see the light near the bottom-front of the WiFi device. 

Hence, we have covered all the information about different Google WiFi lights along with their purposes. However, if you are facing any problem regarding this matter, immediately contact the Google support team. They will sort out your issues with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I fix the orange light on my router?

Discharge your router for 30 seconds from the power outlet. Re-connect your router for 30 seconds to the power outlet. Boot your router.

Why won’t my Google WIFI connect?

Remove and plug into the WiFi device offline. Reboot point Wifi. When the device resets offline, wait until your device is ready to configure and then add another Google Nest wifi point or router or Google Wifi point again. Contact support for further help.

How do I reset a Google WIFI point?

Using the Google Wifi application, reset your primary point and other points.
Open the Wifi app for Google.
Tap Network & General tab Settings and actions.
Tap Wifi Point under “Network” (s).
Tap Reset Factory…
The wireless points flash blue and then become solid blue.

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