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What is a Discord IP Grabber? How can you Track an IP from Discord?

Discord, a social media application helps people to chat and play games together. It has a collection of servers by which you can create a group. Some experts say that nowadays, Discord has become a platform for online games and communication. But, reports say that there are some people who want to create their own server. 

Of course, they have the liberty to do that, but the question is how? So, if you are interested in creating a server on your own, then you will need the Discord IP grabber. Most technical experts find that it’s difficult to grab someone’s IP and assign it to a server. But, the matter of fact is that it is possible. 

The IP Grabber (Tracker) What is it?

The IP tracker or grabber is such a kind of application that helps you to get a client computer’s IP address. You can only get the address if the client computer’s IP address is configured. The Discord IP grabber works the same way. 

The IP Grabber’s Working Approaches

The reconciliation to the IP trackers or grabbers is important. That is why several experts and designers have come up with two main aspects or approaches for IP tracking or grabbing solutions. One is the match of the original IP configuration along with the relevant database information. Certain categories and lists of discrepancies are also present. And, the other one is to detect and fix several IP errors with the help of the master IP management system. 

The Discord IP Grabber: Detailed Steps to Grab someone’s IP

The IP grabber applications will help the server admin to create a server. On the other hand, it will also help them to get rid of suspicious IPs. So, here are the steps that you need to follow. 

Tracking the Target URL

Your first task will be to find the link of the profile whose IP you want to track. Now, open the Discord profile of that person and copy the link of that profile from the address bar. 

Utilizing the Discord IP Grabber Application 

Hopefully, you have selected and installed an application that will help you get the job done. There are tons of applications available on the internet. So, you have to understand the general concept of IP grabbing. Open the application and paste the profile link in the blank space that is designed to accept any profile URLs. Now, select “Create URL”. 

Saving the Link Information 

When you opt for creating the URL, it will take a few moments. After that, a notification window will appear where you will get all the details of the profile. In addition to that, you can also view the original URL that is present in Google with the support of Discord. If you look closely at the page, you will be able to see the tracking code. It’s an important feature that will help you to track the IP. 

Grabbing the IP

It seems that you have the tracking code with you, now you can track the IP. Search for the IP Grabber option in the desired application. Provide the tracking code and click on the “Generate” button. Now, you have got the IP along with all the necessary information. 

The IP Address Trackers or Grabbers: Varieties 

Along with the Discord IP grabber, there are also a wide collection of other IP trackers or grabbers. These applications are active in service, performing various tasks like allocation of IP, management of IP and many more. 

Managing the IP address 

Discord IP grabbers and other IP tracker applications also have the ability to manage IP addresses. The dedicated algorithm is processed with a bunch of sophisticated tools that help to look for DNS. In addition to that, the IP address management also works with the master database to manage several static IP addresses. 

IP Address Scanning

The approach of IP address scanning will come in handy when you will determine to scan any IP address. You can opt for any customized IP address scanning facility that will sync the desired IP from start to end. Most of the IP address scanners will scan the IP along with the DNS in reverse format. 

The Best Discord IP Grabber or Trackers 

Grabbing a profile and tracking its IP on Discord will be easier by IP address trackers. Here are some of the best IP grabbers or trackers that will come in handy. 

1. SolarWinds IP Manager 

Mostly, large-scale organizations use this tool to grab or track an IP address. There is no harm if you use this tool to track or grab any IP from a Discord profile. The SolarWinds IP manager syncs with the DNS, which is already configured. In addition to that, it also interacts with the DHCP servers. This tool is compatible with some well-known DHCP servers like Cisco, Microsoft, ISC and others. 

2. Advanced IP Tracker and Scanner 

As per the reports, a few people also call it Discord IP grabber. The reason is simple as you can easily find out any IP by syncing a Discord profile. There are no premium versions of this tool as it comes free of cost. Along with the activity of tracking or grabbing any IP address, it also holds the capability to track the MAC address of a computer. The host of this tool will be your computer. Network sharing and the availability of RDP and Radmin functions will help you regarding the remote desktop sessions. 

3. The Open Source Angry IP Scanner 

A freeware tool for everyone to track or grab and scan any IP addresses. The tool has a dedicated network scanner for tailoring certain IP addresses. Apart from any IP addresses, you can scan or track an entire network topology, DNS, subnets and others. Lastly, the tool is also capable of accepting a ping from a network. After that, with the help of the ping, it can track and scan the IP address. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is IP grabbing illegal?

Nope. There is no explicit rule that prohibits someone from using an IP capturing tool to target you. 
Your IP address, like your street address or phone number, is pretty much public information at this time. What someone does with your IP address, on the other hand, may be prohibited. 

Can you get someone’s IP from discord?

Discord does not allow you to get someone’s IP address. This is because this application protects users from scammers and hackers using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and other approaches. 
The fact that Discord runs its own servers offers an additional layer of security.
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