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Verizon Call Forwarding: A Comprehensive User Guide

Verizon is a telecommunications company offering various types of products and services. It is best known for its wireless plans and routers. However, one of the better-known services is Verizon’s call forwarding service. This feature is very easy to set up and use. It is also known as immediate call forwarding. 

What is Call forwarding 

Call forwarding is an excellent feature of rerouting any incoming calls on your phone to another mobile number. You can forward your calls to landline numbers as well. This feature is very helpful for small and big businesses. It prevents the business from losing any potential clients or customers. 

There are two modes for Verizon’s call forwarding feature. 

  • Call forwarding when the line is busy or Unavailable
  • Immediate call forwarding 

When Busy or Unavailable

In this scenario, calls will only be forwarded if you are currently speaking to someone else. Accordingly, it will also occur if you are unable to pick up the call for some reason. In the second case, you will receive the incoming call notification for a few seconds before it is rerouted. Therefore, you will still have some time to pick up the call. 

Immediate Call Forwarding 

In this mode, all calls are immediately forwarded to the second number. Therefore, you will not receive any notification that the call has been forwarded. Thus, you have to check the other number for any incoming or missed calls. 

How to Set Up Call Forwarding in Verizon 

Incidentally, it is very easy to set up call forwarding if you are a Verizon customer. You can do this either from your online Verizon account or directly from your smartphone. Here, we have provided both methods in a few easy steps. 

Through Online Verizon Account 

  1. Open the ‘My Verizon’ app or visit the official website of Verizon from any web browser. Alternatively, you can type ‘’ in the address bar and press the Enter key. 
  2. After that, log in to your Verizon account by entering the necessary details. Next, head over to the ‘Manage Call Forwarding’ option on your screen. 
  3. Now, click on ‘Forward mobile number to’ and enter the number where calls are to be forwarded. 
  4. Subsequently, choose one of the call forwarding modes as discussed earlier. Thus, you have to choose either ‘if busy’ or ‘immediate.’ 
  5. Finally, click on ‘Update Call Forwarding Status’ and your settings will be saved. 

Through Dialpad of Smartphone 

Here, there are two different methods depending on the mode of call forwarding you wish to choose. Therefore, go through the following steps accordingly. 

Call Forwarding if Busy or Unavailable 

  1. Unlock your device and launch the Dialpad from the main screen. 
  2. Next, dial ‘*71’ followed by the 10 digits mobile number where you wish to forward your calls. For instance, if your number is 1212343456 then you have to input ‘*711212343456’. 
  3. Lastly, press the dial button and wait for a confirmation message. This will ensure that the call forwarding feature has now been turned on for your device. 

Immediate Call Forwarding 

  1. Unlock your smartphone and go to the Dialpad. 
  2. Similar to the above method, dial ‘*72’ followed by the 10 digit number you wish to forward the calls to. 
  3. Subsequently, press the dial button and wait for the confirmation message. 

How to Turn Off Call Forwarding on Verizon

Turning off Verizon’s call forwarding is as easy as it was to turn it on. Similar to the previous method, you can either turn it off from the online Verizon account or through the dialpad of your smartphone. 

Through Online Verizon Account 

  1. Open the ‘My Verizon app’ or visit the official website of Verizon. There, enter your login credentials and sign in to your account. 
  2. Next, head over to Devices and click on Devices Overview. Then, select your existing number from the options. 
  3. Now, go to ‘Manage Call Forwarding’ and select the second number that you had used to divert the calls. 
  4. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Cancel Call Forwarding’. 
  5. Lastly, save your changes and close the window. Verizon’s call forwarding feature will now be deactivated for your account.

Through Smartphone’s Dialpad 

Canceling the call forwarding feature from your smartphone is very easy. You just have to open your dialpad and enter *73 or *920. You can input either one of these and then press the Dial button. Wait for the automated confirmation to notify you that the feature has been disabled. 

Important Points to Note 

The first thing you need to understand is that only incoming calls will be forwarded to the second number. This means that any incoming text messages will not get forwarded. 

Moreover, call forwarding may or may not be chargeable depending on your current plan. Therefore, you need to check your plan thoroughly. However, the talk time will be charged to you separately. You will be charged according to the length of talk time and the locale of the phone call. Thus, you can get charged higher for calls outside your immediate territory. 

Additionally, you cannot activate or deactivate call forwarding if you are currently outside your domestic area. In such cases, you have to deactivate it by contacting your network service provider. 

Currently, Verizon call forwarding does not allow you to forward calls to international numbers. Also, you cannot activate call forwarding through the ‘My Verizon app’ if you are a prepaid user. In this case, you have to contact Verizon’s customer care. 

Final Note 

In conclusion, you will now be familiar with Verizon’s call forwarding feature. Thus, you will be able to set up or turn off Verizon call forwarding whenever you like. The instructions are very easy to follow. However, you need an active network connection to do so. 

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