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Verizon Phone Internet not Working? Here’s how to Troubleshoot

Verizon allows users to connect their phones with a 4G or LTE connection. But, sometimes, you can’t use the internet even when the cellular data is on. Usually, this occurs when there is no active internet plan. 

Did you enable the “Flight Mode”? It could prevent you from accessing the internet. A faulty SIM card can generate this problem in Verizon phones. Open the SIM card slot and look for the sign of damage. Buy a new SIM if the existing one has scratches or is broken. Open the telecommunicator’s site and check if there is a service outage. 

Did you get the ”service is not available” message? Then, you may have to wait for a few minutes until the issue is resolved. Moreover, an incorrect network configuration could trigger this internet connection error. Reset the wireless network settings to overcome the problem. 

Possible Reasons for the Verizon Phone Internet not Working Issue

There are several reasons which could restrict you from using mobile data. You may not get internet access if you use an LTE SIM on an old phone. Moreover, the 4G SIMs won’t work on the 3G phones. Thus, check the compatibility before using any SIM in smartphones.

Ensure the cellular data is on and the network mode is set to “Automatic”. Otherwise, you can’t use the internet on these Android phones. Moreover, Verizon offers a 2GB of data plan for users. And, the internet won’t work if you use the daily data. 

Open the Verizon phone settings and look for the “Data Usage’ section. Check the amount of data you have used. Renew the mobile data plan and surf the internet without hassle. Besides, you can enable the “Data Saver” feature to use less mobile data on a limited data plan.

Easy Fixes for the Verizon Phone Internet not Working Issue

It is pretty easy to resolve this connectivity problem from Verizon phones. Restart the device in the first place when the internet stops working. Sometimes, this solution fixes complicated network errors. The cellular data will turn off automatically when you switch off the phone.

Turn on the mobile data when the Verizon phone reboots. Try to play any online video and check if the internet is working. Follow these solutions if this Verizon phone problem persists:

1. Reset the Network Settings

Did you change the Verizon phone’s network settings? Then, the chances are high that you have mistakenly set the network mode as “2G/3G”. Thus, the device fails to connect to the 4G or LTE network. Change the network configuration to solve this internet loss problem. 

Double-tap on “Settings” and head to “General Management”. Tap on “Reset” and choose “Reset network settings”. It will wipe out the existing mobile data details from the device. 

Do you use a dual-SIM phone? Choose the correct SIM and select “Reset settings” afterwards.

Additionally, you need to click “Yes” when the confirmation message appears. Enter the Verizon phone’s security PIN when prompted. And, don’t turn off the device until Verizon completes the resetting process. It may take at least 3-4 minutes. Thus, ensure there is sufficient charge on the phone. 

Restart the phone when Verizon shows you a “Reset is complete” message. Turn on the mobile data and check if you can use the internet. 

Still, getting the Verizon phone internet not working error? Apply the next solution to get back the internet connection.

2. Turn on and off the Airplane Mode

Enable and disable the Airplane/Flight mode if the internet is not working. It may help you to fix the connection problem with the Android phone. This feature can be found in the notification panel in the latest Verizon phones. 

However, you need to open the Settings app if you use an old phone model. Navigate to “Network & Internet” and double-tap on “Airplane” or “Flight” mode. Didn’t find this network mode here? Then, locate “Connections” to get the Airplane mode. 

Enable the option and wait for at least 10-15 seconds. Verizon will display a “No network” message when this feature is on. Turn off the Airplane or flight mode and restart the Verizon phone afterwards. Turn on the cellular data when the phone restarts and use the internet without issues.

3. Remove and Reinsert the SIM cards

The signal issue occurs for not inserting the SIM into the right slot. Moreover, a damaged SIM card slot could generate this problem in Verizon phones. Turn off the device and open the SIM card cover gently. And, don’t exert excessive pressure, it may break the SIM tray.

Reinsert the SIM card in its slot and close the tray. Switch on the Verizon phone and turn on the cellular data after a few minutes. Open a web browser and check if you can access any websites. 

Still, receiving the Verizon Phone Internet not Working message? Then, there is a high possibility that you are using an outdated SIM. Replace the Android phone’s SIM immediately to fix the connection problem. Furthermore, check the system requirements before getting a new LTE or 4G SIM. 

4. Reset the APN Settings

Access Point Name (APN) provides all the details that the phone needs to connect to mobile data. It allows the users to set up a gateway between the device’s cellular network and the internet. And, the internet won’t work if the APN is configured incorrectly. 

Reset the Verizon phone’s APN settings to access high-speed internet. However, the steps to change it might vary from one phone model to another. Open the “Settings” app and move towards “Connections” and tap on “Mobile Data”. 

Besides, Verizon phone owners need to click “Wireless & Network”. Search for “APN” and choose “Reset to Default”. This option will be displayed as “Reset APN settings” on some Verizon phones. Reboot the device and check if you can send an email or file over the internet. 

Alternative Fixes for Verizon Phone Internet not Working

Check the data indicator on the Verizon LTE or 4G phones. It will help you to know the signal strength of the network. Restart the device if the phone is showing one or two bars. This indicates the device has a low signal strength.

Sometimes the mobile data won’t work if the Wi-Fi connection is on. Turn the Wi-Fi to fix this connectivity issue from Verizon phones. Don’t use any Bluetooth devices when using the internet. And, reset the Android phone if any of these solutions don’t work.

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