How to Setup Asus Router Port Forwarding?

Asus Router port forwarding is a process which is not known to many of the users. However, it is very easy to perform. So, follow the instructions of this article to complete the method if you are unaware of “how to port forward Asus Router?”

Introduction of Port Forwarding on Asus Router

In short, Port Forwarding is a technique used to access your device via another device that can be near to you or a far distance from your location.

For Example: If an IP camera is set with your network and you want to provide access to it to a friend or a relative who is far away from you, you can do that with the help of the port forward settings of the router.

Every computer or a device has its own identity in the form of the IP address, which helps the internet connection not to get confused between any of the device, which is connected with it. If you are using a router, then the ISP will provide you an IP address to get connected to their internet service.

Types of IP address:

There are two types of IP addresses which the Internet Service Provider can provide to you. One is the Static IP address, which is costly in comparison to the other one, that is, the Dynamic IP address.

Whatever be the type of IP address the ISP provides to you, you are in a trace of them. If you commit any crime via using their service it will be recorded into their list. Now, let us know a little detail about the Firewall protection, which is an important part of the PC before knowing the complete definition of port forwarding of a router.

Firewall Protection

The function of the Firewall protection is to protect your search to get known by the other end device user of which you are giving permission to access a specific device connected with your local network, it can be the IP camera or anything else.

By enabling the port forward you are actually open the gate for your chosen device to access the device which is connected to your local network.

Steps for Completing the Asus Router Port Forwarding:

These below are the complete steps to follow to do the port forward on the Asus router. So, check the steps below till to the end to learn this completely:

Step 1: Know the IP address of your PC

Firstly check the IP address of your PC to connect to the login page of the Asus router:

  1. At first, open the search bar. For that, you need to press down the Windows button.
  2. Then on the search bar type cmd.
  3. Next, from the search result, click on the cmd or Command Prompt option.
  4. After that, on the Command Prompt window type “ipconfig”, without the quotations.
  5. And then hit the Enter button to execute the command.
  6. Further, from the Command Prompt loaded window, navigate to the Default Gateway section. The number which you will locate beside the Default Gateway section is the IP address of your device.

Step 2: Login to your Asus Account

After knowing the IP address of your PC proceeds with the further steps as stated below to continue the Asus router port forwarding process.

Enter the IP address of your PC at the address bar of the browser, you open. Next, tap the Enter button, this will navigate you to the Asus router login page. Here, you will see two spaces are available for the username and password respectively.

In both the places for the username and password you need to enter admin if you have not changed it earlier. In case if you have forgotten the password then you need to do a hard reset to the Asus router, to continue login in with the default username and password. But, the Hard Reset will change all the settings of the router to its default.

Step 3: WAN> Virtual Server/Port Forwarding> Enable Port Forwarding

After login to the Asus account, from the left-hand side panel click on WAN. Next, on the right-hand side window, you will see a list of tab options, select Virtual Server/ Port Forwarding. Then, here, on this window enable the checkbox for “Enable Port Forwarding”. After that, continue with the further lines to complete the how to open ports on Asus Router process.

In the section of the Port Forwarding List, you need to enter the following sections with appropriate details:

  • Asus router port forwarding source target
  • Asus router port forwarding range

After filling up the sections for Service Name, Source Target, Port Range, Local IP, LocalPort, Protocol, Add/Delete, click on Apply to save the change.

That is all about the process of the Asus router port forwarding. Hopefully, after studying this article till the end you will be able to do it by yourself without any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is source IP ASUS router?

LAN IP address of your ASUS router – “” is the default IP address for your ASUS router.

What is local port in port forwarding?

To securely forward data from an application client operating on the same computer as the secure Shell client, use local port forwarding. When you set up Local port forwarding, you choose an arbitrary local port to utilise for data forwarding and a host and port to receive the data. 

How do I know if my port forwarding is working?

You must access the router’s WAN interface from the Internet to see if port forwarding is working. When accessing from local network, port forwarding will not operate. The service or program that performs port forwarding must be activated in order for the port to appear as ‘open’ during the check. 
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