Time Warner Login | How To Configure And Reset The Router

Time Warner provides email and other network services in the United States of America and some other countries as well. When you are willing to log in to Time Warner, you need to create an account with a valid subscription. 

After subscribing successfully, you will get a master email account from the provider itself. With the help of this email account, you can enjoy webmail and other TWC services. 

So, you must have all the information about accessing the router using the Time Warner login setup. 

How to Login to a Time Warner Router?

We are going to provide you a general log-in setup procedure for configuring a router and logging into your Time Warner account. As there are more than one router, you will be able to apply these steps to any router that is associated with Time Warner. 

After configuring your router, you will be able to log in to it and select network preferences. So, the steps to configure and login are given below. 

Step 1

Gather an RJ-45 Ethernet cable and connect one end to the computer and the other to the router. If you have multiple computers, then connect each of them to all the respective WAN ports. 

Step 2

Now turn on your computer and the wireless modem. Wait for your computer to boot up. Once your system is ready, you will now be able to configure it. Sometimes, your computer might gather the IP address automatically from the router. 

Step 3

After the completion of the previous step, gather all the information on your Time Warner account. Thereafter, get your IP address in order to configure your router. If you don’t have it, contact your ISP immediately. 

Now, you also need to know the IP address of your router. You can get it from the back of the device where it is written on the label. Otherwise, you can get it in the user manual as well. 

The default IP address is or But, you must keep in mind that the IP address might be different in all the routers. 

Step 4

Now, open your web browser and enter the router IP address, then press Enter. You will then reach the device’s setup page. There, you will see various options like Setup, Auto setup, EZ-Install, and others. Now you need to type your Time Warner credentials where it is necessary. 

After that, follow all the on-screen instructions to configure the device using the Internet IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, etc. Now set the name of your router (SSID or SSID Name). After that create a strong password and finish the configuration procedure. 

Step 5

Click on “Save Changes” and restart your router. Wait for some time until the device turns on. This restart procedure will help the device to save these changes. 

It will also assist your router to save the necessary information like the log-in credentials of Time Warner, configuration details and other networking details. 

Now follow the same process which is given above to enter your router web page. Then, enter the router’s username and password to log in. 

If you don’t know it or somehow forgot the credentials, here is the list of some common usernames and passwords.

You can also do Time Warner Login with the help of a particular mobile application. Then download the “My TWC” application, depending upon the Operating System that you are using in the device. 

After downloading and installing the mobile application, sign in with your TWC username and password. Then check the home WiFi settings and log in to your router. 

Once you have successfully configured your router and logged in, you can now surf with ease. 

Sometimes, your router may not be working properly or it is frozen due to some technical glitches. So, you need to resolve it quickly by applying some hacks or simply resetting the router. You need to follow the next section to know the resetting instructions. 

Steps to Reset your Time Warner Router

Resetting your router is a very simple and easy step that will roll back your device to its factory condition. It will delete the device settings and all other information from your router. The steps are given below. 

Find the Factory Reset Switch

Every router has a dedicated switch by which you can reset the settings of the device. It might be present at the back or side of your router. You can identify this switch by seeing if “Reset” is written on it. 

Use the Reset Button

After finding the switch, press and hold it for near about 20 seconds. As the reset button is very small, you have to use a pen or similar object for pressing it. We strongly advise you not to use any type of sharp or pointed objects, as this can damage your device. 

Wait for Reset Results

Release the reset button and wait for some time until the router restarts. The device will start automatically with the factory settings. Now you need to configure your router from the scratch. 

We hope that whatever issues you are facing with the device, it will be eliminated by applying the reset process. 

Note: We advise you to handle your Time Warner router carefully while following the router reset procedure. If you want, you can perform the reset process under expert’s guidance of Router Support.

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