An Easy Guide To Asus Router Setup

Asus routers are among the best routers in the market. So, if you have bought a new Asus router but do not know the process of setting it up, then do not worry. Here, I will be telling you the Asus router setup steps. They are very easy and you will be able to do it in no time.

Steps for how to setup Asus router

Here, I will be telling you all the basic setup procedures for setting up your Asus router. The steps I will be discussing will be the same for almost all the Asus router models. However, the physical layout of the button may differ a little bit. So, let us start will the steps.

Step 1.

On your Asus router, you have to connect 3 cables. First, take the Ethernet cable from your modem and connect it to the port of WAN. This port will be of blue color and will have an icon of a globe with a ring around it. 

Then, take another ethernet cable and connect one end to your computer and another end to any one of the router LAN ports. These LAN ports will be of yellow color and will be marked 1,2,3, and 4. 

After that, take the power cable and connect one end to the DCIN port on the router and another end to the power outlet on the wall. After all the connections are made, press the Power button. Usually, this button is located at the back panel of the router. 

Step 2.

When the router turns on, open any browser on your computer. Here, the setup page of the Asus router may open up automatically. If that happens, you can go to step 4. However, if the page does not appear, you have to go to the address bar of your browser and type “” and hit Enter. 

Step 3.

After that, you will be prompted to log in to your router. You go to the boxes of username and password and type admin for both of them. After entering them, click on the button of “OK”. 

Step 4.

Then, the page for the initial setup will show up on the screen. You have to click on the button of Go. 

Step 5.

On the next page, you have to set your router’s username and password. After setting them, click on the button of Next. It is always recommended that you change your login credentials from the default credentials. These credentials are the information that can be used by other people to access your router. By changing it, you will be able to protect your router from any unwanted access. 

Step 6.

Now, your router will connect with the internet connection you are using. Based on the type of connection that you are using, you may need to enter additional details that are required by your Internet provider. However, most of the time, the connection will be automatically detected by the router and will continue. 

Step 7.

On the page of “Wireless Security”, you have to type in the required SSID and the password and click on the button of “Apply”. 

Step 8.

Next, you will see a summary of the configuration appear on the screen. Here, all the new settings will be displayed. You have to go down and click on the button of “Next”. 

Step 9. 

Now, you will see a prompt for login to appear on the screen. Here, you have to enter the login credentials that you have setup and not the default login credentials. After entering them, press the “OK” button. 

Step 10. 

The page for the router settings will now open. Go to the top of the page and click on the Logout button. This will help you to logout of the settings of your router. A command box will appear asking your confirmation. You have to click on the button of OK. Now, your setup is complete.  

I hope that you have understood the instructions for how to setup Asus router. The process is very simple and you will have no problem in following it. So, setup your Asus router today take full advantage of the internet on all your devices. 

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