5 Methods to Deal with WiFi Authentication Error

Wireless network technology is a boon to mankind. People can now freely move around their residences and offices and browse the internet. Nowadays, half of the work is done via mobile devices. Often, you don’t even have to rely on your desktop or laptop computers. No matter how convenient the modem network technology is, issues will knock at the door now or then. And, the WiFi authentication error is one of them. 

This kind of situation arises when you try to connect to the wireless network. You have to create a primary connection and then enter the correct password. After that, the error message pops up. Not only will it allow you to connect to a wireless network, but also it may restrict the cellular data. There may be some issues with the WiFi, flight mode may be on, and many more. 

A Few Preliminary Process

Check whether you have entered the correct password or not. After that, open the router management page. You can delete the previous password and set a new one. Save the changes and once again opt for authentication. If the issue persists, get down to the solutions as they are given below. 

Eliminate the WiFi Authentication Error with Ease

Before you begin, make sure that your wireless network is not facing ping losses. Check the ping with the help of the Command Prompt by using the network IP address. After that, try the methods:

Method 1: Forget the Wireless Network

This method is applicable not only to Android but also to iOS devices. Navigate to the WiFi option by dragging the drop-down dimensional window. Long press on the name of your wireless network and tap on forget. The WiFi option will restart and will ask you to sign in. Once again, tap on the name, and you will get the option to enter passphrase/password. Do it correctly, and hopefully, the WiFi authentication error message will not appear. 

Method 2: Check the Airplane Mode

Your mobile device’s Flight or Airplane mode can cut off all the wireless connections. While the Airplane mode is on, you can face the WiFi authentication error while connecting to the wireless network. Drag down the dimensional window present at the top. Tap on the Airplane icon to deactivate. Wait until the cellular connection is being restored. After that, the WiFi will connect automatically. 

Method 3: Change the Wireless Connection Modes

Normally, the wireless connection is DHCP on all smartphones and tablets. It seems that you are using a static internet connection. So, select WiFi from the Settings and choose Wireless and Networks. Find out the name of the wireless network. Long press to bring out the two options – Forget and Modify. Tap on Modify and enter the static network IP address in the desired place in Advanced Settings. Save the changes and close Settings. Now, connect to the wireless network and check whether the WiFi authentication error message is re-appearing or not. 

Method 4: Reboot the Network Device 

Previously, there were modems and a router, and they jointly delivered the network connection to all the wireless devices. The massive progress of network technology has brought the two devices into one. The router may face some issues, and as a result, the WiFi authentication error message appears. Restart the router to clear any ongoing network congestions. 

Method 5: Know the Router’s Capability 

The router can provide you with a wireless network seamlessly on your mobile devices and laptops. This doesn’t mean that you will keep on connecting wireless devices one after another. Every router has its own capacity to deliver data packets. First, check the number of devices connected. Keep at least two devices connected and disconnect the rest of them. 

Is the Mobile OS Up-to-Date?

Outdated system OS of your mobile devices can result in a WiFi authentication error when setting up the wireless network. So, if there are any pending updates, download and install them, which may permanently resolve the error. There is no need to update all the applications separately, as the OS update will do it for you. Just log in to the Google Play and App Store, and it’s done. 

Error Message is Still Showing – What Now?

One last method that you may perform is resetting the device. Erasing all the data and the system settings may have a good chance to eliminate the WiFi authentication error message. Navigate to the Settings and find out the Reset option. Follow the step by step instructions and erase all the data. The device will restart, and you have to re-enter the correct password to connect to the wireless network. Surely, the authentication will take place successfully. 

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