How to Connect Switch to Hotel WiFi?

Your Nintendo Switch allows you to enjoy your favourite games even when you are travelling. You can usually find a WiFi network to connect it whenever required. And, you might need to do that for various purposes. Hotel WiFi networks are often good enough for connecting your Nintendo Switch. Here, we will take a look at how to set up that connection. 

Many people often face issues while trying to connect their Switch to a hotel WiFi. You can also expect to run across such issues as they are quite common across gaming consoles. But, there are several ways to deal with this problem and connect Switch to hotel WiFi. 

Connect Your Switch to Hotel WiFi

You can connect your Switch to any WiFi network if you have the necessary requirements. The process works similarly to connecting any device to a WiFi network. So, you should be able to set up the connection instantly if everything goes well. 

Make sure You have the Necessary Requirements

You obviously need the console and the username and password of the network for this task. Apart from that, you would also need an HDMI cable, an AC adapter, and a controller. 

So, make sure you have these necessary items for setting up the connection. If you do not, then you need to arrange for them. Otherwise, you can proceed to connect Switch to hotel WiFi. 

Connect to the Hotel WiFi Network on Your Switch

Turn on your Nintendo Switch if it is turned off, then go to its Settings menu and open the Internet section. Find and click on the Internet Settings option that should be given there. 

The device will then automatically start looking for a WiFi connection, and you should see the hotel WiFi connection if there is one. Select it to get internet access on your Nintendo Switch. 

The WiFi network probably has a password to ensure its security. Use it on the login page to set up your Nintendo Switch’s connection to it.  Also, make sure that the connection is strong enough for your requirements. 

Why do You Fail to Connect Switch to Hotel WiFi and How to Fix this Problem?

You might fail to connect your Switch to WiFi due to various reasons. Now, that might include a weak connection, among other things. If the connection is alright, you can take multiple steps to resolve the problem. After all, there are ways to set up a WiFi connection on your Switch. 

Try to Connect to WiFi by Opening a Different WiFi Page

Were you unable to connect your Switch to WiFi with the regular method? You must try opening your social media page on the device. Doing this should bring up the WiFi login page again on your screen. But, how do you open social media on your Nintendo Switch? It is quite simple in case you have never tried it. 

The browser on the switch does not work like a typical one. It is built only for tasks like logging in to a WiFi network. You should find the option to post on social media in the Settings menu. And, clicking on this option should bring up the WiFi login page again. So, this method is quite similar to the regular one with some differences. 

Did you fail to connect Switch to hotel WiFi this way? Then, you must try out some more solutions before contacting the hotel’s internet technician. 

Share Your Laptop’s WiFi Connection with Nintendo Switch

If your Switch does not connect directly to the WiFi, you must consider using an indirect connection. You can set that up very easily with your laptop. However, this method would not work if your laptop cannot connect to the hotel WiFi. 

So, make sure that your device can log in to the network without any issues. If it can, then you can share the internet on both Windows and Mac devices. 

On Windows

Open the Network & Internet section in your Settings menu. Then, find and click on the Mobile Hotspot option given there to set up internet sharing. Turn on the hotspot and select where you want to share the internet connection. In this case, you need to select ‘WiFi’ under this section. 

On Mac

The WiFi sharing feature works quite similarly on Mac as it does on Windows. Go to your System Preferences and navigate to the Internet Sharing section. Then, opt for sharing the internet connection from WiFi over a wireless network. You can set a name and password for your Mac’s network through the WiFi Options section. 

Use Your Phone’s Hotspot

You might not have your laptop with you while trying to connect Switch to hotel WiFi. In that case, you still have other options to get internet connection on your Switch. You can simply use your phone’s data plan to fulfill your internet requirements for now. This can be a viable solution if you have a data plan. 

Regardless of your device’s system, you can set up a hotspot very easily. So, you must give it a try if the previous methods did not work. Go to your phone’s settings and turn on WiFi with the internet connection enabled. Then, try to connect your Switch to this network using the password. 

Use a Third Party App to Share Your Phone’s WiFi Connection

Is your data plan insufficient for your requirements? Then, you should connect your phone to the hotel WiFi. Install a reliable app for sharing this connection with your Switch. Check for your phone’s shared network on your Switch and connect to it. 

What if You Fail to Connect Switch to Hotel WiFi?

You must try all the methods to connect your switch to a WiFi network first. If none of them work, the issue probably lies with the hotel’s WiFi network. In that case, you might want to complain about the WiFi performance to the staff. Carrying a travel gaming router can help you avoid such situations. 

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