WiFi Error couldn’t Get IP Address – How to Fix the Error?

It is obvious that you use an Android phone with a home wireless network. As a result, you can roam around your home and access the internet. Let’s say, when you turn on the WiFi router and the icon on your mobile device, the WiFi icon will blink for a couple of seconds. This is the process of obtaining the network IP address. Sometimes, the WiFi error couldn’t get IP address automatically. 

Then, you can connect to the network or even log in to the network. Of course, there are reasons behind the issue – Wireless connection interference, bugs in the router firmware, improper configuration in the router security settings, issues with the MAC address and many more. 

Repeat the Addition of the Wireless Network 

When the mobile device couldn’t obtain the network IP address, the best idea to follow is to forget the network. Navigate to the WiFi settings and you will find the name of the network. Long tap on it and select Forget. All the data related to the wireless network will get deleted. Turn off the WiFi feature. After some time, turn it back on and enter the right password. Hopefully, the mobile device will be able to obtain the IP address correctly. 

Initiating the Airplane Mode

Initiating the flight or airplane mode will disconnect all the connections from the device. It will cut off mobile data, WiFi, as well as cellular networks. After some time, turn off the flight mode. The WiFi feature will turn on automatically (if on previously). This will refresh the mode and will allow the device to eliminate the WiFi error couldn’t get IP address. 

Restart the Android and Network Device

One of the most common and effective ways to resolve the WiFi error couldn’t get IP address issue. Long press the Power button and tap on Restart. Now, leave aside the phone and turn your attention towards the wireless router. 

Plug out the Ethernet cable and the power cord. Keep the router idle for a few minutes. Turn on the router by re-plugging in the Ethernet and the power cable. Hopefully, this method will work. 

A Proper WPA Encryption Method is Necessary

This is one of the security methods that belong to the router. Setting up the proper encryption method will help you to eliminate the WiFi error couldn’t get IP address error. Place the router IP address in the address bar of the default browser and hit Enter. The router dashboard login page will open, and enter the correct ID and password to log in. 

Find out the wireless settings. It is obvious that the WPA/WPA2 personal network mode is already selected. Click the radio button of TKIP, and this will change the encryption method from auto to encrypted. Now, save the changes. 

How about Turning Off the MAC Filter?

Sometimes the MAC filter of the router may restrict any devices from connecting to the router for the first time. So, if you turn off the MAC filter, then it might work. So, let’s try it out. As usual, follow the previous process and log in to the router dashboard. Select the wireless settings and choose the wireless MAC filtering option. Click on the Disable button and save the changes. 

Have you Applied the Network Credentials Correctly?

If the application of improper network credentials is present within the router, then it might happen that the WiFi error couldn’t get IP address. In other words, you can easily say that the mobile device cannot obtain the network IP address. So, verification is required. 

Navigate to the router management page and access the network settings. Hopefully, you have kept a copy of all the correct network data written somewhere. Try to match them and check whether there is an error or not. 

Learn the Difference between Static and Dynamic Addressing

Your internet connection can be either static or dynamic, and this depends on the ISP. When the WiFi error couldn’t get IP address, the issue might be the IP addressing. To select the correct address, you need to access the router dashboard. 

From the network settings, you have selected the static or the dynamic. Click on the opposite radio button and save changes. 

Let’s say your connection is static. This means that the network credentials are automatically synced with the router. Now, if you are having issues in obtaining the IP address via a mobile device, then ask the ISP to provide the network credentials. 

With the help of this information, you can create a dynamic connection. Surely, you will not face any issues in obtaining the IP address from the router. And one last thing, if the auto-login feature is enabled, turn it off to avoid any future problems. 

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Taylor Green
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