Fix Unstable Internet Connection on Your Windows Device

‘Unstable internet connection’ is quite a common issue for internet users. And, you might come across it anytime while using your Wi-Fi network. You might find this issue occurring whenever you run a specific app on your computer. And, that mainly includes apps that use a significant amount of bandwidth, such as online games and video-calling apps.  

Are you facing a lot of trouble with your internet connection? Then, you can fix this issue with some basic troubleshooting methods in most cases. Apart from that, you can also try out more complex solutions, if required. The fixes listed below are the most effective ways to fix the internet connection on your PC. 

8 Simple Methods to Fix Unstable Internet Connection

You might come across internet connection problems while running any tasks that use the internet on your device. But, you can apply the same method to fix internet connection issues in all cases. 

Here are the most used ways to fix an unstable internet connection on Windows devices:

  • Restart the Router or Modem

The problem with your internet connection might be associated with your router or modem. Does the connection become unstable too often? If yes, you must try restarting the modem or router to fix the issue. But, if it is not that frequent, reconnecting to the network might do the trick.

This method can often provide quite an effective solution to the unstable internet issue on any device. If this method is ineffective, you must change the connection type or check the connection quality. 

  • Switch to a Cable Connection

Are you using a wireless network to connect to the internet? If yes, then you must switch to an ethernet connection. After all, wireless connections might often face interference from nearby networks. 

On the other hand, an ethernet connection is not vulnerable to such issues. So, it should offer you a more stable connection than wireless networks. 

  • Fix Ethernet Connection Issues

Are you getting an unstable internet connection while using an ethernet cable? Then, you must make sure that the cable is connected firmly on both devices. Try disconnecting the cable from both ends, and then reconnecting it. 

And, that can often fix the connection errors between your computer and router. If reconnecting to the router does not work, you must check the cable for damages. 

Try out a different ethernet cable and check whether that fixes the internet problem. If the issue is resolved, you need to buy a new ethernet cable. Alternatively, you can simply use a wireless connection for now. And, if replacing the cable does not do the trick, the issue probably lies elsewhere. 

  • Close Unnecessary Programs Using Bandwidth

Is your PC running too many bandwidth-consuming programs? If yes, then that is probably causing an unstable internet connection in your case. So, you must try closing down as many of them as possible to fix the internet performance. 

Some applications might keep running in the background even after shutting them down. You must close such programs through the Task Manager. 

Right-click on an app in the Task Manager and click on ‘End task’ to shut it down. Then, check whether the unstable internet connection persists on your computer. 

  • Scan For Viruses and Malware

Bad internet performance on your PC is often a sign of virus or malware infection. So, get a reliable antivirus app on your device if you are not using one already. Then, launch it and initiate a scan on your device. 

Get rid of any malware-infected files and programs you find. Apart from that, you must also consider removing any suspicious third-party programs. This also applies to your third-party antivirus, among other apps. 

  • Run the Network Troubleshooter

The troubleshooter on your Windows system can help you diagnose and fix network problems within a short time. All you need to do is scan your device using it. Navigate to the Network & Internet section in the Settings menu. Click on the Network Troubleshooter option in the Status tab to fix network problems.

You would get some instructions on the screen to complete the diagnosis and repair. The troubleshooter will fix the unstable internet connection issue once it detects the cause. 

And, if it cannot fix the issue, it will show you the diagnosis report of the problem. You must then apply an appropriate solution manually or hire a professional for the task. 

  • Change the Wireless Channel on Your Router

Changing the wireless network can remove the interference to your router’s network. So, you might want to give that a try to fix the unstable internet connection. Log in to your router’s interface with its admin credentials to change its wireless channel. You would usually find this option in most routers’ advanced wireless settings section. 

Which wireless channel should you use? In case you are wondering, you must choose one that is less commonly used in your surroundings. A Wi-Fi analyser app can help you know which channel would be the best. This method can significantly improve your internet connection in many cases. 

  • Check for a Service Outage

You might be getting an unstable network connection simply due to a service outage. So, contact your internet service provider (ISP) and inquire with them regarding this matter. If there is a service outage, you have to wait until the ISP resolves the issue. But, if there is no outage, you might have to contact a technician. 

Other Solutions to an Unstable Internet Connection

You might face issues with your internet connection due to a corrupt system file. In such cases, you can repair it using the tools available on your Windows system. You must also make sure that the issue is not caused by a Windows update problem. Contact a technician to find out whether there is an issue with the network card. 

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