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Is the Netgear Router Orange Power Light Blinking? Here’s How to Fix it

The Netgear router’s power light turns solid green when it is connected to the electrical outlet. Sometimes, this status light blinks orange and prevents users from using the internet. Usually, this occurs when using a faulty ethernet cable. Check if there is any wear and tear in this network cable.

If you are using the ethernet cable for 2-3 years, replace it immediately. Connect a new cable to the router and PC’s port correctly. Restart the computer and reconnect it to the wireless network. Netgear router’s orange power light won’t further blink after applying this solution.

Still, experiencing the internet dropping issue on the router? Check the networking equipment’s power connection. Ensure the wireless router is receiving an adequate power supply. Try to connect the device to a different wall outlet and check if the error solves.

What does the Netgear Router Orange Power Light Mean?

The orange power light on the Netgear router signifies technical glitches. Users have experienced this connectivity issue mostly in the Nighthawk models. But, you can face this light error in the old dual-band routers as well. 

Several reasons could trigger this issue in the Netgear routers. Most router users ignore the firmware update messages. And, this results in the Netgear router orange power light error.

An outdated firmware might restrict the router from working properly. This is why you should update the Netgear routers after every three months. It will increase the Wi-Fi speed and network security. 

The power light will keep flashing orange if the modem isn’t connected to the router. Place the router close to the router and the wireless devices to avoid this glitch. 

Moreover, an incorrect router configuration could generate this connectivity problem. Open the web GUI and change the Netgear router settings to restore the Wi-Fi connection.

Effective Troubleshooting Tips for Netgear Router Orange Power Light Issue

There are many ways to resolve this internet loss issue from the Netgear routers. If the modem isn’t compatible with the router, this error can occur. Get the right modem for the Netgear router to avoid further interruptions. Or, you can connect the modem directly to the PC and check if the internet works.

Open the Netgear support page to find out if there is a service outage going on. Did you get the “service is not currently available” message? Wait for a few minutes until Netgear resolves this problem. If it is taking more than that, follow these solutions to fix the orange power light problem:

1. Power Cycle the Netgear Router and Modem

Resetting the Netgear router will resolve this internet connection problem. Alongside, you need to power cycle the connected modem and the other wireless devices like PC. Unplug the home router’s power cables from the electrical outlet. 

Wait until its power light turns off, and then disconnect the modem’s power cords. Force shutdown the Windows computer after 10-12 seconds. Did you connect a smartphone, laptop or smart TV to the router? Turn off these devices also by pressing their power button. 

Reconnect the Netgear router’s power cables to the wall outlet. Now, it’s time to plug in one end of the Ethernet cable to the router’s port. And, connect the other end to the PC or laptop’s Ethernet port. Wait until the router’s power light turns solid green, and then turn on the modem.

Power on the Wi-Fi-enabled devices and try to connect them to the internet. Play the multiplayer games and check if the ping rate is high. 

Or, stream movies from the online platform to figure out if the logging issues have been resolved. And, if the Netgear router orange power light is still blinking, apply the next solution.

2. Update the Wireless Router Firmware

An outdated Netgear router firmware could cause connectivity issues. Update the wireless router to enjoy uninterrupted internet services. Connect the Netgear router to the PC or laptop, open the WiFi menu and choose the correct SSID. 

Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write “routerlogin”. Press the Enter key to access the Netgear router’s login page. However, if that doesn’t open the web page, enter the device’s IP address. Most Netgear routers either have or as their default gateway IP.

Write the private IP address in the address bar and hit the Enter button. And, provide the default login credentials when the router’s login page appears. Not aware of the Netgear router’s password or username? Check the device’s back to get these details.

What else should You do?

Enter the login information, and click “Log In” to open the Netgear router’s web interface. Head towards “Advanced” and double-tap on “Administration”. Opt for “Router Update” when the pop-up menu opens and click “Yes” afterwards. The update process will begin within a while. 

Don’t turn off the router during the firmware update. It might damage the device’s hardware and prevent it from working properly. The Netgear router will restart automatically after installing the latest update. And, its power light will turn green from orange. Open a web browser and check if the Wi-Fi is slow. If yes, update the wireless DSL modem’s firmware to fix the problem.

Lastly, Reset the Netgear Router…

If the above solutions didn’t solve the problem, the factory reset the router. Locate the Netgear router’s reset button and hold that for at least 15-20 seconds. Release the button when the power LED starts blinking green. This indicates the Netgear router has restored its default configuration. 

Moreover, you can also reset the Netgear router from its admin panel. Open a web browser, and head to the address, and enter its local gateway IP. Press the Enter button and provide the login details when the web page opens. 

Tap on “Login” and move towards ”Advanced’ in the admin interface. Select “Reset” to wipe out the existing router data including the password. Click “Yes” when Netgear displays the confirmation message on the PC screen. 

Wait for a while until the router completes the resetting process. Reboot the Netgear router, and the power light won’t further blink orange. And, if the error persists, contact a router expert to solve the power connection issue.

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