Guide to Costco ESS Login

The Costco Employee Self Service (ESS) portal contains employee-related information, as its name suggests. You can access it to find the various essential information you need as a Costco employee. 

Moreover, former employees can also access the Costco ESS portal in a few steps. All you need to do is make sure you have the requirements. 

Do you have the authorization to perform a Costco ESS login? Then, follow the steps given below to complete the login procedure. The upcoming information should help you with all you must know about the website. 

Who can Access the Costco ESS Portal?

Are you a current employee of Costco? If yes, then you are eligible to access the Costco ESS portal. Not only that, but you would need to access the portal for various important information. Provided that you have registered yourself on the portal, you can perform a Costco ESS login anytime. 

Former Costco employees might also need to access the ESS portal under various circumstances. If you are wondering, you can access this portal as a former employee. But, you can do so only until 25 months after your employment ends. 

So, both current and former employees are authorized to access the Costco ESS portal. If you are a new employee and have not registered yet, you must complete the registration first. 

Simple Methods to Accomplish Costco ESS Login 

Have you registered yourself on the Costco ESS website? Then, the username and password are all you need to access the portal. And, you can perform the log in either through the official website or using the direct link. 

Here is how to proceed with that depending on the method you prefer: 

Through the Official Website

You must use the Chrome browser to access the Costco ESS portal. And, you can perform login using any client device (computer or smartphone). 

So, open the browser on your device and proceed with the following steps whenever ready: 

Open the Costco Official Website

The Employment Self-Service portal is located on the official website of Costco. So, you need to visit the official website to open this portal. Enter “” in the search box and find the website among the results. Then, proceed with the next steps to navigate to the ESS portal. 

Open the ESS Portal

Go to the About Us section on the official website and check the options there. You will find the Employee Site option at the bottom of this section. Click on it to open the employee login options. You should find the ‘Employee Self-Service’ section there. 

Log In With Your Costco Credentials

The ESS login page contains a username and password field. Enter your employee credentials in them to complete the Costco ESS login. You can then view your personalized Employee Self-Service page for the information you need. 

Using the Direct Link

Do you want to open the ESS login page right away on your browser? In that case, you can avoid some of the aforementioned steps by using the URL. Simply open your browser and go to Then, use your employee credentials to access your personalized ESS portal.     

Make Sure to Log Out and Close the Window

You must always remember to log out of your ESS portal once you are done. Also, you should close the browser window on which you performed the Costco ESS login every time. 

The browser saves the ESS portal visit as history and some information from the portal as cache files. You must clear them after logging out of the Employee Self Service site every time. 

How to Log into Your ESS Portal as an Ex-Employee?

Are you an ex-employee of Costco and trying to access the Employee Self-Service Portal? Then, the login procedure differs slightly from that for current employees. You must open the ESS portal the same way as mentioned earlier. Also, make sure to do that within 25 months after your employment. 

In this case, you must click on the Former Employee Login to access the ESS portal. Then, enter your username and password to open the portal and find the information you want. 

What if You Have Forgotten Your Costco Employee Credentials?

Are you unable to access your Costco ESS portal? Then, you might have forgotten the username and password. You must take the necessary steps to retrieve the credentials if your Costco ESS login keeps failing. 

It is quite easy to retrieve your username and password. Find the “Troubles Signing In?” option on the login page and click on it. 

You would see a new page on your screen where you must provide your country and employee ID. Select your country from the drop-down menu and enter your employee ID in the field below. 

Then, click on Continue and check your email for the verification mail. You can take this step whenever you forget your employee credentials. 

How do You Register Yourself on the Costco ESS Portal?

Have you not registered yourself on the Costco ESS portal yet? Then, you must open the ESS login page with the previously-mentioned steps. But, in this case, you need to opt for registering yourself instead of logging in. You will then have to provide various information to complete the procedure. 

In the first step, you need to provide the employee information. Select a country and enter your Employee ID. Then, proceed to the next step and create a unique username for your ESS account. 

You have to provide your name and address, among other personal information next. Once you are done, select a validation option and set a strong password for your account. 

What can You do by Accessing Your Costco ESS Portal?

You might want to know about the benefits that you can access as a Costco employee. And, you can simply visit the ESS portal on your browser for that. You can also visit your Pay Card account through this portal to check your account balance. These are only some of the things you can do by logging into your Costco ESS portal. 

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