How to do NETGEAR Extender Factory Reset?

Extenders are such kinds of network devices that distribute the data packets from the primary network. Technically, it actually helps the router to boost the network traffic. No matter what type of router you are using, the issue of network drop will remain when the wireless network’s coverage area is quite large. 

Netgear Extenders are one of the best network boost devices that are ever made. While the device is at the pinnacle of its performance, the upload and download speed might become slow, ping losses take place and so on. In such situations, Netgear Extender factory reset will come in handy. 

Important Verifications

Before heading towards the Netgear Extender factory reset process, you must verify certain important aspects. First, check whether the power lamp of the Extender is on or not. After that, find the Reset button. Then, gather a pin or a paper clip. 

Netgear Extender Factory Reset Process 

Pull to plug out the Ethernet cable from the Extender. With the help of the pin or paper clip, press and keep on holding the Reset button for 10 seconds. After that, leave the Extender idle for 5 to 6 minutes. Now, plug in the Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the Ethernet. 

Reconfiguring the Extender

Insert the router’s default IP address in your PC’s default browser to open the router management page. Navigate to the General Settings and sync the Extender with the router. Close the router management page and open the Extender’s management page. As usual, from the Network Settings section, you have to input all the network data. Lastly, save all the information. 

Why Opt for Netgear Extender Factory Reset?

A very good question indeed. There are several reasons that you must know in detail. And, here are they — 

Netgear Extender not Connecting to Network 

When the Extender is not connecting to the network, don’t think of heading for the Netgear Extender factory reset process right away. First, go through the vital aspects. Check the network status lights. Surely it is off or frozen. The next step will be to check for the broken Ethernet cable. Lastly, check the extender management page. So, you need to take care of these things to re-establish the connection.

The Extender itself not Working

The Netgear Extender factory reset process will not at all work when the device itself is damaged. The ports might get broken somehow, the internal RJ-45 connector jack’s pins might not work properly and many more. This is purely a hardware issue, and it seems that you are unable to do anything. So, you have to depend on the Netgear professionals to fix the hardware problems. 

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No Internet Facility Available 

The Extender, as well as the router, is already connected. But, there is no internet connection. When you face this type of situation, then there must be some serious issues going on in the network. Before contacting the ISP, you have some work to do. Open the router and Extender’s management page. Navigate to the network settings of both devices. 

Most of the experts say that if the DNS is somehow missing, then the internet facility to the devices might not be available. So, check all the network credentials. Make sure that the credentials are present in their correct places. 

The Netgear Extender Keeps Disconnecting 

It seems that you have connected the Extender to the WiFi wirelessly. If the Extender is far from the range of the WiFi, the device will keep on disconnecting. Without understanding this matter, if you proceed towards the Netgear Extender factory reset process, then it will never work. So, you have to bring the router a little bit towards the extender. Hopefully, this will help. 

What about the Incorrect SSID?

The incorrect SSID will never let you connect not only to the Extender but also to the router. So, you need to input the correct SSID on your mobile devices and computer. Accidentally, if you forget the SSID, navigate to the router and Netgear Extender management page. After that, open the Network Settings and memorize the SSID. 

The Netgear Extender, How can you take care of it?

The first thing you must know is that be it the router or the extender, it must stay in one place. Never jump around here and there with these two network devices. If you continuously plug in and out the RJ-45 port, then there is a high chance that the ports can malfunction or become loose. 

On the other hand, never place the extender near a television, radio, microwave oven or loudspeakers. If you do so, there is a high chance of frequency conflicts, especially with the radio. After you are done using the extender and the router, make sure you turn them off.

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