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A Complete Procedure To Do Asus Router Login

When it comes to high-end routers, Asus Routers win hands down. It has flagship specs in high and mid-tier segments. While the process to set up the router is easy, sometimes you need to access the Asus Router login page manually to modify some key configurations. If you want to know how to login to Asus Router, then RouterGuide is going to share some of the easy ways you can access the login page. Go through this guide stepwise and you will have no problem accessing the settings.

How to Login to Asus Router?

First things first, let us know a bit about Asus Routers network configuration so that you do not encounter any problem ahead. Asus has a web-based router setup which can be accessed through a browser. It is recommended that you connect the Asus Router to the PC using an Ethernet cable. Of course, you can access the router’s settings through the WiFi as well, but as you are modifying core router settings, it is always better to connect through a wire for a seamless experience. Now let us see how to login to Asus Router.

  • First and foremost, turn on the router and connect the Ethernet cable to the blue port of the router which is generally used for Local Area Network. Now, a respective LED indicator will start blinking after successful connection.


  • Next, open a browser of your choice on your PC. It can be either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Now, type into the URL bar and hit enter. This is a local DNS name to easily access the login page. Further, it will ask for Asus Router default login credentials.

Login To Asus Router

  • Type both, username and password as admin and click on the Log In button. After that, you will be logged in without any issue. You will be greeted with the setup page, thereafter you can modify the desired settings. Keep in mind, the password used in WiFi is not the same as the login password.

Solutions to Asus Login Problems:

  • Most of the time, users complain that the login page is not opening. If you are facing this problem then maybe the local DNS is not working properly. In this case, try the alternative without any DNS configuration. Just type and hit enter. It should definitely lead to the homepage. Even if this address is not working then, try which is also used by router manufacturers to assign IP addresses.
  • In the worst case, if the above solution did not work then someone must have disabled the Ethernet port on your PC and your system can’t detect a router. To enable it, open Control Panel and go to Network and Sharing Center. After that, click on the Change Adapter Settings in the left panel. Now, you will see your Ethernet adapter which is used to connect to the router. Right click on it and select Enable. After doing so, you can access the Asus Router default login page.
  • If none of the addresses worked then someone must have changed the IP address of your Asus Router. Worry not, there is a way to find out the IP address. Again, open the Control Panel and then Network and Sharing Center. Thereafter, click on Network Connections and then View Network Status. After that, open your particular router connection and click on Details. Here, IPv4 DHCP Server is the IP address for your router. Now enter the exact same address into the URL bar and you can access the login page.
  • If the Router is not accepting the default username and password then you will have to reset the router to the factory default settings. To do so, press and hold the reset button for 5-6 seconds and release it. The Router will reset itself and then you can proceed with the default credentials. However, this process will wipe your network configuration so take a note of your network settings beforehand.

Wrapping Up

These are some handy ways you can access the Asus Router login page. Router Guide has tried to provide the alternatives as well if you face any problem through the default way. The team at Router Guide hopes that you could access the router login page without any trouble.

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