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How to Enable UPnP on Router?

UPnP is supposed to work on the Local Area Network (LAN). Router manufacturers enable it by default for Wide Area Network (WAN). This allows a hacker anywhere in the world to open a private connection to your router. Hence, you need to disable it while using it. But when you are encountering connectivity issues on the Xbox One, the first thing you should look at is the Network Address Translation (NAT). Sometimes, you need to turn on it. But, if you do not know how to enable UPnP on the router, then you need to follow this article. Here we have provided the step-by-step procedures in order to turn on the UPnP on the router.

Instructions to Enable UPnP on the Router

If you are searching for the unique method on how to enable UPnP on the router, the process is simple. But, you need to remember that the steps will change when you change the router. Here in this section, we have provided general guidelines in order to turn on the UPnP on the router:

Step 1

At first, visit the Router login page and log in to your account after providing the username and password. Hit the Login option and it will lead you to the basic home page of the router.

Step 2

Now, select the Advanced option. From the Advanced option, move to the Advanced Set up section and then locate the UPnP in that section. Tab on the UPnP option. It will display the UPnP home page.

Step 3

After that, click or clear the Turn UPnP On checkbox. Click on the checkbox to activate UPnP on the router. Finally, click the Apply option to save the changes. This process is also applicable if you are enabling UPnP on your router in the Windows device.

To be Conclude:

These are the steps that you should apply on how to enable UPnP on the router. The steps are easy and you can easily execute all the steps successfully. If you face any problem on “how to enable UPnP on the router in a Windows device?”. Then, you can perform the steps mentioned in the above section. You can also post your queries in the comment section below.


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