How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord?

The master server of Discord is well protected and encrypted. So, a few experts believe that it is quite impossible to get someone’s IP address. But, the matter of fact is that you can grab someone’s IP address from Discord. There are a lot of different ways – how to get someone’s IP from Discord. 

Apart from getting an IP from a Discord server/profile, dealing with the corrupted IPs is important. In such cases, you need the help of the IP resolver applications. The entire process includes tracking, and then grabbing the IP from Discord. After that, you can fulfill the desired purpose. 

Can you get someone’s IP? Are you sure about that?

Yes, of course, you can get someone’s IP with the help of some sophisticated tools. One of the most prominent pieces of advice is to send a malicious link; Never ever do that. This matter is closely related to unethical hacking, and it’s a cybercrime offense. It’s better that you ask for the IP address which is ethical. Other than that, you can use tools. 

Discord IP Resolver, Is it Worthy?

The Discord IP resolver is also known as the Discord IP finder. With the help of this tool, you can get to the answer – how to get someone’s IP from Discord. There are many websites that say that it can get any Discord IP as per your recommendations. But, the experts say that most of the sites are fake. To find a Discord IP, you must check and use a proper website of Discord IP resolver/finder. 

How to get someone’s IP from Discord?

There are four procedures that will help you to grab someone’s IP. They are the workings of the frontend, backend, master server hosting and execution. But, before going through all of these procedures, you must inform the person that you are going to track the IP. This entire process described in the next section is for an educational purpose and you must perform them carefully, without harming anyone. 

Find out a Good Web Application 

Your first and primary step is to find a good website. It will help you to grab a Discord IP. If possible, you can create a website and do it for yourself. You must assign a database at the backend, this will help you to store the IP addresses. The IP addresses that you will extract are the public IP. Never try to extract any private IP, else it will be considered unethical hacking. 

The Exclusive User-Interface 

The user interface lies at the front part of any website. You must be planning to create a website on your own. After that, you want to track and grab an IP, then the front-end part must be exclusive. In addition to that, the design must be interesting with various functions. This will help you to get the answer – how to get someone’s IP from Discord with ease. Lastly, you must set the front-end part in bootstrap mode. 

The Back-end Processes 

The back-end procedure is nothing special. Just the database and the coding will work as per the settled-down algorithm. Most people use JavaScript and other types of web programming languages to develop websites. Apart from that, the server also plays the role of storing the extracted information. 

The Process of Hosting 

It seems that you have done creating your IP tracking or grabbing a website. Now, you need to activate it on the internet, so that you, as well as other people, can visit and use it. Several organizations are always ready to serve you with website hosting services. Websites developed in other programming languages apart, from JavaScript, might be tricky. But, JavaScript websites are very much easy to host without any possible errors. 

Executing the Discord IP Address

With the help of the newly created website, it’s time to execute the main task. Log in to your own Discord profile and open the target account. Copy and paste the link to the search bar of your website. After that, perform all the necessary steps to dig out the IP address. Make sure that this entire activity doesn’t lead to any type of cyber criminal offense. And, this is how to get someone’s IP from Discord. 

Are you Planning to Ban Someone’s IP on Discord?

If you are an admin of a certain client-server, then you have every right to punish someone for unethical work — by banning his/her IP. In order to do so, you have to log in to Discord with your own account’s login credentials. After that, navigate to the destined server. Hopefully, you know the person whom you are going to ban. Find out his/her account by inputting the username and complete the process with the help of the on-screen instructions. 

Does the Calling facility get you to the Discord IP Address?

No, the calling facility of the Discord has nothing to do with tracking or grabbing an IP address from Discord. In addition to that, there is no option of getting a trace of any IP address from the voice calling feature. 

How about getting the IP from the Discord Main Server?

The Discord master database has all the IPs of the users. It doesn’t mean that you can seamlessly access all the IP addresses. To do so, you need to contact customer support and tell them the problem that you are facing. If your issue is legitimate enough, then only you can gain access to a particular website. 


Apart from adding the principle feature – how to get someone’s IP from Discord, you can use other additional functions in your website. Your security also matters the most. Never click or access any unknown links or websites. If you do so, your own server/database can get hacked and that will be a problematic situation indeed. 

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