How to Fix the Showtime App not Working Issue?

Problems with applications are inevitable, and you can’t really avoid problems with any applications. With the invention of new applications, you will also observe issues related to it. Over here, we’ll be discussing the issues related to the Showtime application. Also, we will try to figure out why showtime app not working and the main reason behind it. But, before we go on with the fixes, you need to know some basic details about the Showtime application. 

Showtime application is a streaming service based in the US. It will help you to get a high-speed internet connection. You have to just sign up for the Showtime app. The benefits that you get with this application are amazing. You can stream an entire season, movies, documentaries, sports etc. 

But, unfortunately, users are complaining about the Showtime application not working properly and showing defaults in the applications. There can be several reasons behind the Showtime application not working. 

We will discuss the fixes, but before that you must know the causes. This will help you to deal with the issue more smoothingly. 

Cause of the Showtime App Not Working

There can be numerous reasons why your Showtime is not working. The problems are quite common, and several users might have to face this and, thus, interrupts your services. We have listed the cause along with the solutions. 

1. Getting a Black Screen

It might be possible that when you open the Showtime app you see a black screen. This is one of the common issues and thus one of the reasons why Showtime is not working. Normally, when you open any application you get a black screen for a few seconds. But, over here, you might observe that the application crashed with or without any error message. 

It can be a temporary issue. So, press the Application menu on your phone. After that, close the application. Now, open the app again, and you will observe that it is working normally. 

You can also go for a hard reboot on your mobile. You just have to press and hold the Home button along with the Power button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. 

Now, release the button, but hold down the Power button until the screen turns on. Open the app and see if it is working or not. Wait until your phone’s battery completely drains out. It is automatically turned off. Now, charge your phone and press the Power button. You will see it working after that. 

Uninstall the application and again reinstall it. Generally, Android restores all the settings after being reinstalled. You will see the application issue is fixed. 

2. Server Error

This is another reason why your application is not working. It might be possible that the server is down, thus showing a loading issue. There are also other causes that show the error like connection error, loading error etc.

At first, it might be possible that too many users are using the application. Thus, it might get fixed automatically. After that, you can also check your mobile data connection. 

3. Account-Related Issue

Often you might see that Showtime is not working due to account-related issues. It might be possible that the Showtime server is down. Therefore, showing an account issue. This elevates the Showtime app not working issue. 

Wait for a few mins, and then try to log in. You can also check the data connection. It might be possible that you are using the wrong credential. Confirm the details, and then enter the correct information. In case you are using a third-party social network, visit the official website and check the service properly.

4. Showtime Installation Issue

It might be possible that you are facing some issues with the installation process. This will lead you to the Showtime app not working error. 

At first, you can check the connectivity. Also, check the mobile storage; it can be possible that you are running out of space. Verifying the application is one of the key points in fixing the issue. Make sure it supports your system. 

5. Not updating properly

Often it has been seen that the Showtime app is facing some difficulties in updating the application. Thus, Showtime shows some defaults.

First, verify the application and check the connectivity. This can be the reason why you are unable to update. Also, make sure that you have enough space to download the updates.

Fixes of the Issue Showtime Not Working

Below, we have discussed the solutions to solve the Showtime application not working. These are some of the common fixes and can be used for any cause which leads to a Showtime app error. They are listed below.

1. Restart the Application 

The majority of the time, just by restarting the application, you can solve the problem. You just have to go to the app menu and then close the particular app that is creating trouble. Restart the application, and you will observe that it is working normally. 

2. Reboot the Device

There must be an attempt to reset. You need to press the Power button at least for 10 seconds. After that, switch on the phone and relaunch the application. This will help in solving the issue. 

3. Check the Browser Settings

Irrespective of which device you are using, the showtime app not working can be anywhere. Go to the browser settings and delete the cache from the history browser. This method can solve the issue. 

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the Application

If none of the fixes works, you are going for an uninstalling and reinstalling method. Android will restore all your settings after you reinstall and log into the application. 


Over here, we have discussed the causes of your Showtime app not working issue and the fixes. At first, we discussed the causes with their individual fixes. This will help you be more specific about the Showtime app not working issue. And, then some common fixes are also listed. Try them out and see if the issue has been resolved or not.

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