How to Dissolve the “All Circuits are Busy” Error?

First, you must know what All Circuits Are Busy means. It is essential to know the correct definition of this error. All the outgoing connections on your phone network service are unavailable. 

There can be a lot of reasons behind that error message. You might receive this error whenever you’re trying to place a phone call through network service. It is not an uncommon error, users are quite familiar with this error. 

Even though your phone network service coverage has a strong network still, you may experience this error. To dissolve this issue, we have to discuss the causes and solutions. 

What Causes the “All Circuits Are Busy” Error?

If you get the message All Circuits Are Busy, you must first know why this message is displayed. The reasons are listed below:

1. No Free Outgoing Connections

It might be possible that there are no free outgoing lines available at that very moment. And, thus All Circuits Are Busy error is displayed. You can mainly observe this within small, local areas with minimum towers and phone lines. It is quite well known that if you are trying to place a call, you need to assign your number a free change to complete the connection. 

In case more people are trying to place a call on that very number, you will get the message all circuits are busy. You must be thinking about what the solution is. Well, the solution to this error is to hang up and wait for a few minutes, then try calling. This is the easiest and the most convenient way to deal with outgoing connections.

2. Damaged Cell Phone

The other cause for this error can be the problematic handset. If you are using a damaged phone, you may receive the All Circuits Are Busy error message. It is well known that the cell phone has an internal antenna that helps in receiving and even sending network signals. 

Any physical damage to the phone might work as a hindrance for the antenna to transmit and receive radio frequencies. Even incorrect network configuration can also be the cause of the error. Though in most cases the cell phone comes with pre-configured settings and with a slight adjustment, it becomes impossible to complete calls. 

To solve this problem you can take help from the network provider. If the handset has a warranty, then you can repair or replace it with no extra amount. In case of incorrect configuration, you have to go to the phone settings followed by Network & Internet option. Lastly, click the Reset option in order to Restore the Default Settings.

3. Limited Resources

The availability of limited resources is another cause of this error. This resource is mainly invested by the phone network provider where most customers inhabit. At the end of the day, they are here to make business and profit. And, they are here to maintain infrastructure. 

If you observe that your area has fewer subscribers, it might be possible that the service provider has not allotted the required source. Thus, you are receiving the error. You can appeal to your phone network provider to allot more resources in that area if there is an increased subscriber. You can also switch to a different network for better service. 

4. Blocking Calls Anonymously

If your number has been blocked, then you might receive the ‘All Circuits Are Busy’ error. It might be done by any recipient intentionally or unintentionally. Now anyone can easily block someone with the help of a call-blocking app. The only solution is to contact that very person and ask to unblock the number. Ask the person to check the application and unblock the number. This will help you to dissolve ‘All Circuits Are Busy’ errors.

5. Overload of the System Network

If multiple subscribers use the services, you might face a system network overload issue. And, this causes the ‘All Circuits Are Busy’ error. We all know that extreme traffic can overwhelm the system which leads to network overload. 

This is one of the common issues that users come across. Your phone network provider needs to allot enough support to increase the traffic. You can just wait until the traffic is clean and then make a call if necessary. 

6. Service Outage

Most phone network providers assure their customers of 100% uninterrupted service. But, interruptions are inevitable and can take place at any time. The reasons can be due to bad weather, damaged infrastructure, old or damaged circuits and natural disasters that can create service outages. 

The service outage can take place in your entire area, neighborhood and even home. The only solution is to contact your network operator to check the outage. They will go to the online service troubleshooter available on the website.

7. Poor Network Coverage

If you have poor network coverage, you might get the ‘All Circuits Are Busy’ error. It might be possible that the network base station is not receiving a signal from the device and vice versa. This mainly occurs if you are in a remote place, that is, away from the network tower. 

You can check the number of signal bars on your headset to know the network strength and coverage. If the bars are too low, you might have to change the location. 

8. The Wrong Number Dialled

If you have missed a digit and dialed a wrong number, you might receive the error ‘All Circuits Are Busy’. Even if you try to call a number on a different network, you will also receive this error message. The only thing you can do is wait and give some time to fix it automatically. 


So, these are the causes and solutions to fix the ‘All Circuits Are Busy’ error. Do follow them properly; it is quite easy to fix the error. You can also go for other solutions like restarting the phone, reinstalling the SIM card or even using a different phone. But, these are the last methods to do if none of the above steps works. 

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