How To Assign A Static IP Address For Xbox 360 (Easy Guide)

Gamers today have a lot of different options, not only the type of games they want to play but also what kind of system they would want to play. Xbox can help a gamer achieve maximum comfort and excitement and also enhances gaming skills.

That is where the Xbox 360 shines, as this gaming console can give the user a top-notch gaming experience. From visual to tactile, this console performs phenomenally at every level. 

But there are a lot of different things that you can do with such a great gaming console. One of them is changing the type of IP address this device can have, between static and dynamic. 

Here, you are going to find out how you will be able to set a Static IP address for your Xbox 360. This is not a super complicated technical process, and you will be able to do this on your own. The instructions here will only make that easier for you. 

What is a Static IP Address? 

First, let us clarify what we mean by a static IP address before we set it like that. Now, it is just as the name suggests, it will not change like the dynamic IP address. Whereas a dynamic IP address changes accordingly due to various factors. This is what your Internet Service Provider sets for you as you purchase the connection. 

You would have to go through all the advantages before you decide whether to use this or not. The most important advantage that you can get with a Static IP address is that it offers a seamless internet connection. 

In this particular scenario, we are dealing with Xbox 360 which is a great gaming console. And for the games to run properly on this platform, proper internet connectivity is a must. 

If you have used gaming consoles for any length of time before this, then you are very likely aware of the connectivity requirements. And it is the same for this particular gaming console as well. So, getting a static IP address for your Xbox 360 is a great idea indeed.

How To Assign a Static IP Address for Xbox 360

First, you will have to determine what your current IP address is, and all the related information. Follow these steps to get all that information. 

  • Open up your Xbox 360 console, and go to the System Settings section. Select the Network Settings option from there. 
  • Now, look for the Configure Network option and click on it to open that window. 
  • Once there, click on the Basic Settings tab to expand it. Under that, you are going to find all the necessary information. 

Note all of that down as you are going to need that for a later step in this process. 

After this, you will have to find out the DHCP range of the router that you are using. For that, you will have to log in to the web interface of the router. You will find that information from that range only. 

Select a number between 2 and 254 to assign to your Xbox 360. You can figure out if you can use the number that you have chosen, by using the Command Prompt. Type ping into that window and follow up by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard. 

Set the Internal IP Address for the Xbox 360 

You will have to do this from the dashboard of your Xbox 360. Here are all the steps you will need for that. 

  • Find and select the My Xbox option and then go to the System section to open it. 
  • Open the Settings section from here and go to Network Settings, and then Configure Network.
  • Click to expand the Basic Settings tab and go to the IP Settings section. Click to select the Manual option and then click on the IP Address option. 
  • In this section, you will have to enter the new static IP address you want to and click Done
  • Check the Edit IP Settings screen and click on the Subnet Mask option from there.
  • Enter the number that you wrote down for this under the Subnet Mask entry panel. Click on the Done button. 
  • Select the Gateway option and enter the number for that as well. Enter the internal IP numbers here and click on the Done button once again. 
  • Now, around the bottom section of the Edit IP Settings window, click on the Done button. 

On the Xbox 360 remote, press the B button to get out of this options window. Now, you are good to go ahead and check how the connection is working. 

Testing Out the Connection 

Finally, test how the connection of your Xbox 360 is working with the new Static IP address. Here are all the things that you need to do: 

  • Once again, open up the Network Settings section and select the Test Xbox Live Connection option. 
  • Click on that option to initiate the network test, you will have to wait as it completes. 
  • You will get an indication if the network is working, which is going to be positive for most cases. 
  • Check if the DNS Settings is Automatic or not. If it is not, then make sure to set it to Automatic

Thus, you have set a Static IP address for your Xbox 360. You will now be getting all the benefits that come with it. Any configurational changes that you might need to make from here on, you will be able to do that from the Xbox Dashboard. 


The process is going to be as easy as it can be for you to execute. As far as the disadvantages go, the first thing that comes to mind is that of security. Since the static IP address is not going to change that is going to be relatively easier for hackers to attack. 

Data mining is another issue that you might face if you are having a static IP address. This is something that you might face while gaming on this console. Especially if you have gotten a version of the game you are playing from unauthorized sources. 

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