How to Setup a Network Switch and Router?

To get network connectivity at your home and office, you just need a router and a switch. But, in order to do that, you need to have proper knowledge on how to set up a network switch and router? There are some reasons that require you to have an adequate about the setup procedure of router and switch. The common reasons are that if you have bought a new router and a switch, then it is necessary for you to know the setup steps to initiate the network connectivity.

Moreover, if there is some kind of malfunction or you want to change the provider of the internet connection, then there is a need for you to have a knowledge of setup processes of both the switch and router.

What is a Switch?

A switch is a device that gets data packets and then, sends them to their ultimate destination within a local area network. In other words, a switch is a device that reads TCP/IP data frames that has information about the destination when they move from various input ports. This device functions on the network layer or data link layer of the OSI model.

About a Router Device:

A router is a gadget that passes some data between two or more computer networks that are packet-switched. In different words, it means that a router is a machine that examines the information present within the data packets. These packets are transferred from a network or another network.

Instructions on “How to Setup a Network Switch and Router”:

In this section of the article, you will get easy points that will provide you with thorough guidance if you want to setup a router and network switch. For that to happen, follow the steps that are presented underneath:

  • First, tap on the Power button at the back of the router, modem and the network switch and turn it off. Then, remove the power cable of the three devices from the wall socket. After that, take out all the other cables from the router, modem and the network switch.
  • Next, make a connection to the modem with a telephone cable. Then, connect one end of the ‘Ethernet’ cable to the ‘RJ-45’ port at the back of the modem.
  • Now, connect another end of the ‘Ethernet’ cable connected to the modem to the WAN port of the router.
  • Next, take a new ‘Ethernet’ cable and connect one end of this wire to a LAN port of the router and then another end to the network switch port.
  • Input all the power cables and then start all the three devices one after the other – modem, router, switch respectively
  • Then, finally, check whether there is internet connectivity or not.

To Conclude

In order to get the best guidance on “how to setup a network switch and router?” you need to follow all the steps on the previous section. But, even after following all the steps on the above section, if you are unable to set up the router and network switch. Then, worry not. Just give details about all the problem that you faced in the comment section that is present under this article.

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