How to Resolve WiFi Authentication Error Galaxy S8?

Samsung Galaxy S series devices are flagship smartphones. These S series smartphones have gained much popularity with awesome displays and exclusive features. But, no matter how powerful a smartphone is, it is not free from issues. For quite a long time, the users have faced WiFi authentication error Galaxy S8. 

This means that when you connect to your WiFi, the device cannot authenticate the network. It seems that you have entered the correct password, but still, the issue is taking place. There are a number of reasons behind the issue – Recent device update, several issues with the router, unstable internet connection and many more. 

What is Authentication? Let’s Try to Understand

Let’s say you are using a dynamic IP. So, manual configuration is required. You have already configured the router with all the correct network credentials like IP address. The router is now ready to deliver the data packets. 

When you try to connect to the router via WiFi, the device first syncs all the necessary information. After that, it verifies the given password. If this credential matches, then both the devices are connected. 

How to Fix the WiFi Authentication Error Galaxy S8?

Here are the effective methods that will help you to fix the issue. Feel free to go through them carefully. 

Methods 1: Eliminate the Existing Network

Previously you have saved the home network by providing the correct password. As the WiFi authentication is not working properly, let’s make the Galaxy device forget the network. Navigate to the WiFi option and find out the home network’s name. Long press on the name and tap on “Forget”. 

The name of the network will disappear for a few seconds. Thus, the new initialisation will take place. You have to enter the correct password once again. Check if this method works or not. 

Method 2: From DHCP to Static

Changing the network mode might have a fair chance to eliminate the WiFi authentication error Galaxy S8. Move on to the WiFi options in the Settings. Long press on the home WiFi name and tap on Manage Network settings. Some Galaxy S series devices may be termed as Modify networks. So, don’t get confused; both of them are the same. You will witness the IP settings. Tap on the IP settings to change the mode to Static. 

Method 3: Restart the Router 

Data packet congestion in the router can lead to the WiFi authentication error Galaxy S8. So, a simple trick may work, and probably it will eliminate the error. Plug out the Ethernet cable and power cord. This will turn off the router. Keep it idle for a couple of minutes. Re-attach the power cord and ethernet cable and turn on the router. Wait until it’s ready. Then, try to connect the Galaxy device and check whether the authentication error is still there or not. 

Method 4: Turn Off the Airplane Mode

If the airplane mode is activated, then the WiFi authentication error Galaxy S8 might take place. Sometimes, due to the number of iconic thumbnails present on the top of the v notch, u notch or punch dot display, you may not witness the airplane icon. So, bring down the dimensional window where all the icons are present. The airplane mode is active, tap on the icon to deactivate it. 

Method 5: Check for the Network Stability 

If the network is not stable, then the WiFi authentication error Galaxy S8 will occur. In addition to that, the authentication will also take much time if the network is not stable. So, open the Command Prompt and check the ping. If the timing is more than 1 microsecond, then your network connection is not stable. Call the ISP to fix the issue. 

What if all the above Methods Fail?

If the above methods fail to resolve WiFi authentication error Galaxy S8, the last method is to perform a master reset. This process will erase the data as well as all the phone settings, logs and many more. 

So, navigate to the Settings and choose About phone. Scroll down, and you will find the predictive option of Reset. Tap on factory data reset and proceed by following all the on-screen instructions. When done, surely, there will be no authentication error on your Samsung Galaxy flagship device. 

Is Optimization Necessary?

Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones and tablets are secured by Knox. No external entity can penetrate through the Knox firewall. But, if you talk about internal matters, the deletion of the cache files, closing unwanted apps, and others are necessary. 

Most of the Galaxy S series smartphones don’t have the facility of external memory storage. So, to make the internal memory safe and secure, optimization is important. 

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