PIA Unchecked Kill Switch still Can’t Connect To Internet? Here’s How to Fix it

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the best VPN service provider. It increases the user’s browsing experience by offering effective security features. And, “Kill Switch” is one of them. It disconnects the wireless devices from the internet when the VPN connection drops. 

Moreover, hackers can no longer access the network if the VPN stops working. However, many fail to connect to Wi-Fi even after disabling “Kill Switch”. You might think this problem occurs because of an unstable internet connection. But, there are other reasons behind this issue. 

An incorrect IPv6 configuration could trigger this problem. Did you update the TAP adapter drivers? It could generate connectivity issues when using PIA. Besides, an outdated VPN application may prevent you from using the internet. 

The PC won’t connect to the internet for corrupted system files. Remove them from the device and try to open a website. PIA unchecked kill switch still can’t connect to internet? Then, ensure the wireless router is on and is connected to the PC.

Reasons for PIA Unchecked Kill Switch still can’t Connect to Internet

Several reasons could trigger this internet loss in VPN-enabled devices. Did you change the DNS address? There is a high possibility that the DNS address is incorrect. Reconfigure the DNS settings to resolve the problem. 

Moreover, the proxy servers can conflict with the VPN connection. And, it will prevent you from using the internet after disabling “Kill Switch”. Check the PIA connection preferences. Ensure to select an encryption mode and VPN protocol. Otherwise, you can’t access high-speed internet when using this VPN service. 

Easy Fixes for PIA Unchecked Kill Switch still Can’t Connect to Internet

There are several ways to solve this internet dropping issue. However, the VPN users should check if the router’s internet LED is blinking. Restart the router if this status light is flashing red. This indicates that there is no internet connection. Moreover, it may occur if a service outage is going on.

Additionally, you need to check whether the VPN app is added on a Windows device. Hold the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings tab. Navigate to “Network & Internet” and locate “VPN”. Select “PIA” from the list and tap on “Connect”. 

Open a web browser and try to access an online site. Still, getting the error message? Follow these solutions to restore the internet connection:

1. Change the VPN Server Location

Try changing the server location if PIA is not connecting to the internet. This VPN platform allows users to connect to 35,564 servers. Choose the one which has a lower ping rate. It will help you to play multiplayer games without network lags. 

Additionally, you can stream the online HD videos without buffering. Go for a VPN server with 119 ms ping or lower than that. Moreover, you can also search for the VPN server location that you want to connect to. 

Head to the search bar, write the location and press the “Enter” button. Switch to a different server if the existing one is causing problems. And, you should always connect to the server that is close to your location. Otherwise, the PC won’t connect to the internet even when the Kill Switch is off. 

However, choosing the right VPN server might be challenging. Do you want to download large files or movies? Go for the Netherlands’ server to get a faster internet connection. Furthermore, the Hong Kong server also offers stable connections. Set up a new server location and use the internet without glitches. 

2. Disable the IPv6 Connection

IPv6 lets you transfer the data over the network at a higher speed. However, this network layer protocol could restrict you from accessing the internet. Thus, the PIA users need to disable the IPv6 connection to fix the issue. 

Hold the Windows and R keys together and write “ncpa.cpl” in the Run tool. Press the Enter key to open the Control Panel’s “Internet Connection” page. Additionally, you can open the “Control Panel” by pressing the Windows and I keys together. 

Head to “Network and Internet” when the next page appears. Double-tap on “Network and Sharing Center” and search for “Change adapter settings”. Select “Network Adapter” when the Internet Connection page pops up. Right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter name and opt for “Properties”. 

Locate “IPv6” from the list and tap on “Disable”. Restart the PC and try to open a web page. Did you get the “Check the internet connection” error? This indicates that the device is still facing problems connecting to the internet. Apply the next solution to resolve the connectivity error.

3. Install an Older TAP Driver Version

The new TAP driver version could cause connectivity issues. Moreover, it can also slow down the Wi-Fi speed. Rollback to the previous TAP driver version to eliminate the issue. First, ensure the PIA software is not running in the background.

Did you see the PIA icon on the taskbar? Right-click on it and select “Exit” to close the VPN app. Then, hold the Windows and X keys together and choose “Run” from the program list. Write ‘devmgmt.msc’ when the pop-up window appears and hit the “Enter” button.

Navigate to “Network Adapters” and look for the TAP driver. Right-click on it and select “Uninstall device” afterwards. Click “Ok” when the confirmation message appears and open a browser. Access the TAP adapters site and install a compatible driver for Windows 10/11.

Open the TAP driver file and read the on-screen instructions. Select “Next” to complete the driver installation process. Restart the device after installing an older TAP driver version. And, try to access the internet and check if you can do that. 

Uninstall and Reinstall the PIA Application…

It is crucial to have the latest version of PIA software installed on the PC. Otherwise, the PC will fail to establish a secure connection. Did you update the app recently and still face connectivity issues? Then, uninstall PIA by accessing the Control Panel tool.

Open a web browser and access PIA’s site. Choose the operating system and a subscription plan that you can afford. Tap on “Get PIA VPN” to reinstall the app on the PC. Once the download is complete, open the app and disable “Kill Switch”. And, stream movies or games without losing the internet connection.

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