What is Cosmic Prisons IP Address? How can you Play Minecraft with it?

Minecraft has several servers that allow you to play the game online. Amongst all the servers, the infamous one is the Cosmic Server. As usual, it also has the Cosmic Prisons IP address that uniquely identifies the server from the rest. 

The server first came into existence in the year 2016. Due to its interactive and dynamic features, it gained the attention of all the Minecraft players. The server consists of numerous planetary objects with separate economical, cultural structures. 

The Cosmic Server: Features 

The Cosmic Server has multiple features so that you can play Minecraft flawlessly. In this server, probably for the first time, you will be able to see the emergence of natural resources. It means that you can witness several mineral ores. Apart from that, while playing the game, periodically comets and meteor showers will take place. 

The enchantments of the server are customized in nature. For the entire planning and procedures, you can use PvP that will help you in mapping the structure. For cell defense and raising the alarm in the prison, you can customize the entire matter. 

The Cosmic Prisons IP Versions

The actual IP address of Cosmic Prisons is “cosmicprisons.com”. But, there are several versions of Cosmic IP. Knowing the details of the cosmicprisons.com:25565 IP are important. After getting along with them, you need to choose which server version you want to use for playing the Minecraft multiplayer. 

The first one is Cosmic Prisons Item Skin Revamp. This version has the ability to hold 300 players at a time. More than 250 players remain online and play the game. Now, this Cosmic Prisons IP version that you are about to see is the Gift Card version. The version will be released on 4th July 2021. This server has the capability of maintaining 3000 players at a time. 

The next one is Sovereign, one of the epic versions of Cosmic Prisons IP.  Many online players of Minecraft say that it is the Revamped version of the server IP that allows more than 500 players to play the game online, at a time. The last two versions are Weaponized and Mr Government versions. Various weapons are available in the first one and 2 new lockboxes are present in the last one. 

Have you heard of Cosmic Client?

The cosmic client is closely related to the Cosmic Prisons IP. It’s actually a mod pack that is developed based on the side of client computers. This means that if you are playing the game, then this mod package will be helpful for you. As per the gaming experts, if someone gets blacklisted from a server for obvious reasons, the mod will come in handy. Separately, this is an executable file of the Client, and you can download it easily. 

The Cosmic Client’s features for Minecraft

A lot of possibilities and features are available for you regarding the Minecraft multiplayer. The gaming session will solely depend on the various Emotes, Armor Glints, power of the cosmic bosses and others. 

Some Mods that are Included in the Cosmic Client

The Cosmic Client is interrelated with the Cosmic Prisons IP. Therefore, the mods of the Cosmic Clients are important. Let’s check out some of the well-known mods. 

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Compass
  • Armor HUD
  • Chunk Borders
  • Crosshair
  • Cooldown HUD
  • Information HUD
  • Cursor Persistence
  • Peaceful Mining
  • Event HUD
  • Leaderboard
  • Keystrokes
  • Motion Bur
  • Mapwriter
  • Roam
  • Potion HUD
  • Schematica
  • Tabby Chat

There are also many other mods available for the Cosmic Client. Depending upon the situation, you have to use it to unblock or fix any problematic situation. 

The Discord version of Cosmic Minecraft

With the help of Cosmic Prisons IP, you can create a profile on Discord. Discord is a platform where you can play various types of games, as well as communicate with players, globally. To play and chat safely on Discord, you need to switch off the facility of direct messaging. 

Never scan any type of QR code to receive any prizes or gifts from Discord. Lastly, never accept any friend requests from anyone. Most of these people are spammers and they can hack your game as well as your personal data. 

Can you get Banned while using any Cosmic Mod on Discord?

If you are caught using any mod files on Minecraft on Discord, surely you are going to get banned. But, for the very first attempt, Discord management will give you a warning. If you repeat the same mistake, then your IP will get banned. In such cases, you might have to bypass the IP with the help of a VPN. In case you’re banned from the main Discord server, you will not be able to access any facilities of Discord. There is only one thing you can do, call customer care and seek assistance. 

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