Best Fios WiFi Extenders — Advanced Wireless Networking Facilities

Verizon Fios is an optical fibre network technology that is fast, reliable and cost-effective. Providing their network technology for domestic purposes is a massive boost in the field of internetworking. That is why Verizon has collaborated with some of the best network device manufacturers. 

It’s obvious that people live in different types of houses. It’s not always possible to get a router that will easily cover every corner of a house with the stable network coverage. This is where Fios WiFi extenders (collaborated) come into the picture. These WiFi extenders are embedded with the technology that will support the Fios optical fibre network. 

Fios Optical Fibre: A Brief Explanation

The Fios optical fibre has a superior bandwidth that will help you to stay connected all day long with zero pin stops. Every internet connection has its latency. Latency indicates the delay in receiving the data packets. The ultra-low latency will always help you in streaming high-definition videos. During an online game, you will never face any lags. 

As per the expert’s analysis, the Fios optical fibre has been one of the most consistent and reliable networks for the past 10 years. The plans of the network are without any data capping. This indicates that you get unlimited usage for your endless entertainment. 

Fios Network Service: Its Types 

The Verizon Fios provides three types of network services to the people — They are Fios Internet, Fios TV and Fios Digital Voice. The internet facility is just fantastic with ultra-high speed and no buffering at all. Several attractive TV packages have urged the customers to opt for the Fios TV network. Bid bye to your old landline, Fios’s advanced voice network will help to communicate with your friends and family digitally. 

The Fios WiFi Extender Setup Procedure in Details

The setup procedure of Fios WiFi extender comes in two configurations – One is wired and the other is wireless. For the wired connection, connect the Fios optical fibre cable to the extender and place the device at an ideal place. Connect the device to its power source. Now, the device will configure the network on its own. It will take nearly 10 minutes to complete the process.

Regarding the wireless setup, you need to place the device beside the router. Hopefully, you got a dedicated Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the router’s WAN port and the other end to the Extender. After that, connect the power cord of the extender to the electrical socket board. 

Let the Extender synchronize with the router with all the detailed configurations. As usual, the elapsed automatic configuration time will not be more than 10 minutes. Now, detach the Extender and fix it to its designated place. 

Fios WiFi Extenders: Which one is Better and Why?

The Fios optical fibre technology embedded extenders have the capability to extend the network coverage. It supports the Wi-Fi 6 technology to bring you the advanced quality of network connectivity. There is also the facility of an optimized Wi-Fi experience. You will get it with the help of the built-in Tri-band technology. Thus, it’s easy to install and use. Now, let’s check out some of the best Fios WiFi Extenders. 

1. NetGear WiFi Mesh EX7300

It’s a double-band WiFi booster based on the Fios optical fibre and Fastlane technology. This device has the capability to offer you a seamless roaming network with a bandwidth of 2200 MegaBytes per second. This bandwidth is best for HD streaming and online games. 

According to the users, the device is unique because of its auto-switching functions. This feature helps you to switch between several networks. Thus, whenever a network frequency is weak, Fios WiFi Extender (NetGear WiFi Mesh) will automatically switch over to the strong network.

The NetGear WiFi Mesh EX7300 (Fios WiFi extender) can connect up to 40 devices seamlessly. The setup process is easy and less time-consuming. It can work with every WiFi router as well as Gateway. This feature is known as Universal device compatibility. 

2. TP-Link Deco Mesh

Embedded with the Deco technology S4 unit functionality, the Fios WiFi extender TP-Link Deco Mesh is ready to serve a strong network coverage. The network frequency will cover a height of up to 5,500 sq.ft. So, this means that you will get an uninterrupted network while moving around your home. 

The device is very much different from all the other Fios Wi-Fi Extenders. It has the ability to support 100 connected devices. In addition to that, it delivers the same amount of data packets to the connected device without any glitches. The dedicated Deco mobile applications help you to keep track of all the internet activity. 

3. TP-Link AC1200 

The Fios WiFi Extender TP-Link AC1200 can provide network coverage up to 1500 ft. Further, you can watch HD videos and play games, and also download large-sized files. The download rate will remain at its consistent speed. The facility of connecting more than one device is due to the presence of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. 

It’s obvious that you can get a blazing fast internet connection by using this band. The compact and sleek design has attracted many people. The one-tap WPS button is very much handy. With the help of a single press, your device will be connected to the internet in no time. 

The device also has the facility to connect and manipulate the functions with the help of its dedicated application. With the help of the OneMesh Technology, you can easily manage the network, parental controls and set necessary network schedules. 


Not only Fios WiFi Extenders but also the routers can face some common issues. And, they are – the device dashboard is not opening, cannot connect the device, the network coverage is not proper and many more. To resolve this kind of situation, you need to take the necessary steps. Investigate the devices properly, if there are any hardware errors, you need to take the device to the authorized service center. Regarding the software issues, troubleshooting at the earliest is highly recommended by the experts. And, you should keep the firmware up-to-date to avoid any kind of internal issues. 

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