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No matter what the private IP address is, the configuration process is mandatory. Before that, the login process is also important. According to the users, sometimes might not work. So, what are you going to do? Don’t worry, and there are effective solutions that we will discuss. 

The Working Process of

Nowadays, connecting to the internet has become quite easy. But, have you ever thought about how a private IP address helps to connect to all the public IP addresses. Let’s find out and try to understand. What will you do when the internet is not working properly? You will call the ISP. But, things can also go wrong with the default IP too. 

In order to understand your private IP address, you must know that belongs to the category of IPv4. This means that this address is incompatible with any optical fibre connection. Sometimes, you cannot access the internet due to the IPv4 exhaustion. To prevent IP exhaustion, the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) came up with a private IP address. 

Here, the concept of public and private IP addresses comes in handy. Of course, there is one major difference between them. The public IPs are accessible and private IPs are not. But, while establishing the internet connection, the private IP connects with the public IP. 

In this way, your request to access a website reaches the server. When the server grants the request as positive, the reply travels through the public IP and enters the private IP, which is the router. After that, it is sent to all the connected devices. 

Logging in with

The private IP address is present on the router that you are using. If you cannot find it, look for it in the user guidebook. Connect the device to your system. Write down in the address bar of the default browser. The router’s login page will appear. Once again, try to find out the login user ID and password in the user guidebook. Write them in their respective places and click on the “Login” button. 

Details of Automatic and Manual Configuration 

For static connections, like leased lines, the configuration process will be automatic. After plugging in the Ethernet cable, the router’s default IP address will sync all the necessary information automatically. Regarding the dynamic connection, you need to log in and access the dashboard of the router. Navigate to the network settings. Write down all the network data in their respective places. In addition to that, select the network type to match the router’s compatibility. 

Setting up the Security Features 

Security features in the router are very important. Without it, anyone can easily get through the network and steal your personal information. So, assigning the name of the router (SSID) will make the device secure. Moreover, you must set a 16 mixed character password to ensure more security. 

Is Important for Mobile Application Interfaces?

Yes, it is important because several routers have their mobile applications. With the help of those applications, you can log in and configure the device. Moreover, gathering monthly data analysis, setting up parental controls, restricting explicit websites are within your fingertips. If the IP address doesn’t work for some reason, then the login process to the device will not be possible. 

Can’t Access the IP Address?

Faulty router, outdated router’s firmware, malware affected firmware can be the reasons. Get the new firmware from the router’s management page. Navigate to the Basic Info tab, and hopefully, you will find the option. Apart from that, resetting the router will resolve the rest of the issues. 

Before resetting the router, make sure you write down all the network credentials on a piece of paper. Find out the reset switch, press and hold it for a few seconds and then release the switch. Follow the instructions and re-configure the router. 

Router Brands who use IP Address

Comfast, D-Link, TP-Link, Encore, NetGear, Cudy, Fon-Wireless, IC Intracom, Intracom, Jetstream. These are the network device manufacturing organisations that selected as their router’s private and default IP. 

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