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8 Methods to Fix Error 651: Windows Connection Problem in your PC

The error 651 occurs due to network issues in Windows 7 and 10. Don’t panic, it’s a common error that can occur anytime. But, whenever the issue takes place, a message appears on the screen – “Connection failed with error 651”. And, you won’t be able to connect to the internet. Obviously, there are reasons behind it. 

Improper placement of a file named SYS, incorrect modem configuration, corrupted registry files, conflicts in the IP address is some of the possible reasons. To fix the issue, let’s witness the effective troubleshooting methods. 

  1. Check the Internet Connection

    Due to error 651, you cannot establish the connection. Therefore, open up the Ethernet RJ-45 and connect to another computer. If you encounter the same problem, then call the ISP immediately. If not, then test the connection and check whether there is any kind of network congestion or ping loss taking place. 

  2. Try a different Connection

    When you cannot connect to the internet, you might not know whether the issue is occurring on the part of the computer or the internet connection. To check whether your computer is working or not, try to connect another computer to the same network. If you encounter the same issue, then there is a problem with the internet connection. You must always keep a backup connection. And, this procedure will help you to establish a secure network. 

  3. Restart your Router or the Modem

    Unexpected freezing of the router or the modem can lead to error 651. A fresh start can be an effective method to revert back the router or the modem to normal working conditions. Just turn off the router or the modem and wait for some time. When you turn it on, hopefully, you will be able to connect to the internet, without any hassle. 

  4. Check the Network Adapter

    The network adapter functions properly with a driver that matches the system compatibility. But, when the driver is outdated or somehow corrupted, you might not be able to connect to the internet. Thus, error 651 might occur. Access the Device Management window, find out the Network Adapter, right-click on it to download the new and updated driver. 

  5. Is the Firewall blocking any application?

    Sometimes, for your security purposes, the anti-virus firewall blocks internet connectivity. Turning off the anti-virus real-time protection might help. On the other hand, you can also turn it off with the help of the shortcut menu on the Taskbar. Now, try to connect to the internet and check whether the error persists or not. 

  6. Format the TCP/IP

    The formatting process of the TCP/IP can assist you in eliminating error 651. Of course, with the help of the Command Prompt, you can type these commands that will come in handy. 

    “netsh int ip reset reset.log

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

    regsvr32 raspppoe.sys”

    Let’s get along with the details of these codes. The first one resets the internetworking stack. The second one turns off the auto-tuning process. And, the last one replaces or re-registers the raspppoe.sys file. After this, restart the computer which eventually saves changes and check the network connection. 

  7. Format the Network Device

    Nowadays, for home wireless networks, the router is the only network device that comes in handy. As you have already known about error 651, it’s obvious that the router is not performing correctly. It might have some flaws and you need to check that. First, check whether you can open the router management page or not. 

    Place the router IP address in the web browser’s address bar and then hit Enter. If you face any error, then formatting or resetting the router would be a wise decision. Any strengthened paper clip will assist you in pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds. After that, you have to reconfigure the router with the right IP address, Subnet mask, and default gateway. 

Additional Ways to Resolve Error 651

The router has the ability to deliver data packets. So, as per the experts, there is no need to use the modem. Detach the modem from the network, as well as the computer, and it might fix the issue. On the other hand, IPv4 connections are mostly used. But, Windows gives you the option to use connections such as IPv6. Thus, if not in use, you can disable the option to avoid any IP conflicts. 

LAN card drivers also play a vital role in connecting to the internet. Before connecting to the internet, you must download the latest version of the LAN card drivers. This will prevent any issues of conflicts regarding the network connections in the future. 

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